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I hope you all had an enjoyable three day weekend. At least for my American readers. For my international readers, of which I am proud to say there are more than a few, yesterday was just another Monday. Meanwhile, the seemingly never ending Bull Market seems poised to continue with Dow futures up 90 points pre-opening.

Considering that I never thought the stock market would go this high this quickly I think it's time to remind everyone out there what this column, this whole website is all about. And that is options education and not financial prognostication or advice. Not only am I not a licensed financial adviser, I don't want to be in the advice business. I am in the options education business and that's where I derive my satisfaction. From transferring the knowledge I have gained through many, many years in the traded options industry.

On top of which, I clearly have no idea if the market is going up, down or sideways. My crystal ball is completely opaque. My function for you, my dear readers, is to help translate your view on a particular stock or the market as a whole into a favorable risk vs reward options strategy.

So, when I use a real life example of an options trade I am not advising that you or anyone rush out and do that trade. For one thing, you probably can't as the example is usually time and price specific. 

What I am attempting to do is to teach a way to think about, approach, the market using options. I stress over and over that options are as conservative or as speculative as you want them to be. My intent is to teach options theory combined with a viable working method to help you make money or preserve your capital. What I am not here to do is tell you what or when to buy or sell anything.

Another part of my core mission is to simplify and demystify. So much so called options education out there is needlessly complicated and full of useless jargon and gibberish. The great secret of options is that it's really all very simple. As I hope you've noticed, I never use formulas and strive to phrase my lessons using simple common sense.

That's really what I wanted to say this Tuesday morning. A reminder to you (and myself) that what you will find here is options education and not financial advice or market prediction. 


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