Mining Industry Lack Innovation? Metallika Inc. Wants To Be A Different Example

An intensive process, mining has more or less been the same for centuries, with advancements mostly confined to the machinery and process to improve efficiency. While mining firms concentrate on increasing their output and try decreasing their costs, the complete industry has become stagnant and there is a gap in innovative approaches.

Metallika Inc. is a mining company that has looked towards options other than mining equipment or process and has come up with an innovation seldom thought of in the industry: Using blockchain to break down the centralized power holding in the industry and share it with the public.

Public Inclusion Through Blockchain

It is undeniable that the mining industry is the bedrock of our modern industrial civilization. Everything today that we take for granted is available to us, thanks to mining. From the precious metals in your electronic devices to the granite flooring you walk on, we would have none of it without large scale mining.

The sheer size of capital investments required means that unless you have millions to spare, the industry will always be in the hands of the rich and powerful. Metallika Inc. wants to disrupt this by integrating blockchain, smart contracts and the highly acclaimed DAO concept.

Using both Ethereum and the BNB Chain, all data about Metallika’s operation, costs, surveys and exploration etc. are made available to stakeholders. This means that Metallika works in a completely transparent manner. The use of blockchain also means that data is immutable and this eliminates the chances of falsification of reports, surveys or any other documentation, giving stakeholders peace of mind.

DAO Metallika

The barriers to becoming a stakeholder are broken down completely, thanks to the METALLIKA token, a blockchain-based asset that fractionalizes entry into extremely small and financially feasible parts. The token’s greatest strength comes from its governance properties, exercisable in the DAO Metallika.

Token holders have access to information on the complete lifecycle of mining: exploration, discovery, extraction and trading of minerals. Under the DAO, token holders will have the opportunity to review data and have a say in:

  • Approval of Documents: This includes resource assessment, mine design and other planning.
  • Inventory Tracking: Transparently see different mining material inventory, sales and other financial reporting.
  • Audit of Activities: Verification of workflow, quality of mined minerals, sales and finances.

Establishing Ties and Collaboration

Metallika Inc. is a well-established mining entity that is strategically focused on APAC and Africa regions.

Recently made partnerships in Africa region include two heavy-weight mining companies.

GeoActiv is a South African based consulting and survey service that has been in the international mining business for more than two decades. The mining firm aims to offer a one-stop solution to their clients so they don’t have to handle multiple contractors, helping in time and effort reduction.

International Drilling Company (IDC) is Senegalese company that lets mining companies outsource their drilling operations. With tailored drilling services that range from diamond heads to rotary air blast, IDC is a professional drilling service that has a professional workforce with deep expertise in working in various mining environments and materials.

About Metallika Inc. Projects

Metallika Inc. currently has four different working projects. Each is detailed and made transparent using blockchain and the METALLIKA token and DAO. Each project is specifically about extracting chemicals or minerals that are important in the global industry.

Graphite (discover stage) and chrome (trading stage) are two important assets, specifically in battery and industrial applications. Granite is a hard rock that has several applications, including industry and even home use. Metallica also has a beach mineral contract from which it is extracting titanium, zircon and rutile. Each mineral is seeing increased demand and has a high value.

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