Weset Is Bringing Web3 To The Luxury Real Estate Market

Weset Is Bringing Web3 To The Luxury Real Estate Market

Nadim Ali Modad, Founder and CEO of Weset, spoke with Benzinga at the Future Of Crypto event to share his thoughts on the intersection of Web3 and real estate. Weset is a company that has successfully tokenized real estate, making luxury real estate more accessible to the public. Through Weset, anyone can purchase fractions of luxury real estate, similar to timeshares, for as little as $5,000. These properties can later be sold or rented out. There are properties all over the world and the company has further expansion on the horizon. Weset allows anyone with cryptocurrency to forego a traditional banking experience to purchase luxury real estate using tokens. Modad further shared that Weset is revolutionizing the real estate market.


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