Dogecoin Co-Creator Say He Has No Clue What The Crypto Will Be Worth In The Future — And Neither Does Anyone Else

Dogecoin Co-Creator Say He Has No Clue What The Crypto Will Be Worth In The Future — And Neither Does Anyone Else

One of the co-founders of meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin DOGE/USD took to Twitter Inc TWTR in another effort to say he has no idea what the future price of the cryptocurrency will be.

What Happened: Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus shared a screenshot of a news story from FXstreet. The title of the article said "Dogecoin founder Billy Markus believes DOGE will never hit $0.74 again," referencing the all-time high price of the cryptocurrency.

The story, which references a tweet from Markus, later uses the phrase “may never” referencing a return to all-time highs.

“This is why you can’t trust the news. Context is stripped, headlines don’t match content, and overall there’s hack jobs all over,” Markus tweeted.

Markus’s quote was “might never see it again.” In the tweet, Markus referenced 2021 being a “weird f***ing year” with Dogecoin “swept up in the dystopia.”

Taking things a step further, Markus suggested a potential headline for a story that ultimately ended up quoted in this Benzinga story.

“If an article was intellectually honest about the tweet it was reporting on, the headline would read ‘Billy Markus has no f***ing clue what Dogecoin will be worth in the future and doesn’t think anyone does.’”

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Why It’s Important: Markus, who has more than 1.7 million followers on Twitter, tweets about cryptocurrency, memes and random thoughts.

The Dogecoin co-founder does not share financial advice or make price predictions for the meme coin he helped create. Markus has also said not to blame developers, founders and leaders of cryptocurrencies or Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk if the price of a particular cryptocurrency drops.

Markus famously sold his Dogecoin holdings in 2015, with the amount sold the equivalent of the value of a used Honda Civic, but Markus did not actually buy the vehicle.

While Markus said he wouldn’t do anything differently in the creation of the meme coin, he did tell Benzinga he had one regret.

“The only thing I personally would’ve changed is to not sell in 2015,” Markus said.

Markus paid his rent with Dogecoin sales money and sold the cryptocurrency due to savings being low at the time.

Watch the interview with Markus below.

DOGE Price Action: Dogecoin is trading at $0.06899 at the time of writing, up 14% over the last seven days.

Dogecoin hit an all-time high of $0.7376 in May 2021 and has traded between $0.04972 and $0.351 over the past 52 weeks.



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