Why You May Want To Check Out Surging Bulls

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Surging Bulls is a Solana-based ecosystem where NFTs*, creativity, and the Web3 vision for the future unite. The revolutionary community was launched towards the end of 2021 and featured a record sell-out minutes after minting began.

A unique product, Surging Bulls NFTs is an art, but that’s not all. These quality designs provide the gateway to a community that shares a passion for NFTs, gaming, Web3, the world's first tokenized gin, and more. Though there are many NFT and cryptocurrency communities, Surging Bulls stands out as a competitive and lucrative opportunity for everyone.

The first Surging Bulls NFT collection can be found on Magic Eden, Solana's top marketplace. The success of mint led to continued ecosystem development, including a much-anticipated innovative approach through the Metabarn play-to-earn game, an essential feature of the long-term roadmap.

This new set of 3D Bulls (from the Metabarn Collection) will begin minting on April 2nd. Besides being fantastic art with a level of quality and detail previously unseen on Solana, the 3D edition of Surging Bulls is an asset that will be integrated within the play-to-earn game. In addition, a staking platform will allow holders to stake their NFT and earn tokens and other rewards.

What's more, the Surging Bulls project has a standing in the real (non-NFT) world. Having launched a stylish collection of merchandise (merch.surgingbulls.com) and currently working on the world's first tokenized gin, this is the NFT project and community to watch in 2022.

In the coming years, Surging Bulls plans to scale and become a major player in the metaverse. This includes becoming a popular P2E game with a unique, engaging environment, diverse characters, and a thriving community. After the upcoming Metabarn Bulls mint, the team will introduce eight other collections incorporating recognizable farm animals and continue game development. This will allow their players and community to follow in the footsteps of recognizable brands like Axie Infinity and off-chain agricultural simulation games. To achieve this, the team will build the Metabarn concept into a leading P2E game while simultaneously integrating with the metaverse and real world through satellite products, such as famous merchandise, collaborations with brands, and gin releases.

Learn more at https://surgingbulls.com/ and join the Herd over on Discord: http://discord.gg/surgingbulls

*If you’re new to Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), they are blockchain-based digital assets representing tangible asset ownership.

Because the minting artist is always listed as the original owner of the digital artwork connected to the NFT, these tokens give the artist unique and evident proof of ownership and authorship in the context of art.
This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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