Piccolo Inu Develops a Play-2-Earn NFT Trading Card Game in Collaboration with Larva Game Studios

The growth in popularity and mass adoption of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Play-2-Earn has seen more blockchain players venture into related projects. The most recent one is between Piccolo Inu and Larva Game Studios to develop a P2E trading card game on the Ethereum network. 

Piccolo Inu

Piccolo Inu is a decentralized and transparent project with multipurpose value. Token holders for this project can mint custom NFT masterpieces because the token was created for the main purpose of mass adoption. Piccolo Inu is headquartered in Panama and is led by Sofya Monse, alongside Max Diekmann, David Monse, and Mariam Rox. The token was designed so that users would be able to generate additional income even as their investments are safeguarded. 

Upon launching their native token, it was only a month before they had already achieved a sizable amount of progress within the low market cap cryptocurrency environment. There are more than 14,000 investors already backing the project. The project is also listed on at least 5 established centralized exchanges and is supported by some of the most renowned influencers on social media. 

As per the token dynamics, 2% of the income generated from sales and purchases is redistributed to the investors. The company has also released its own staking platform where token holders can leverage their $PINU tokens for liquidity purposes and in return get a sizable 92.34% Annual Percentage Return (APR). 

Larva Game Studios

Larva Game Studios, on the other hand, is a renowned video game development studio and publisher reputed for their flagship LATAM. The company is based in Guadalajara in Mexico and was established in 2007. Larva Game Studios is popular for developing various games supported on PC, mobile devices, as well as in last-gen and next-gen consoles. Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are within their tuff. 

Full game production started on December 1, 2021, with a team of 12 developers with adequate knowledge and experience. This team has a history of creating up to 35 games compatible with mobile, PC, and console devices. 

The two parties of the collaboration have also worked on the Game Development Document (GDD) to define the game’s dynamics. The GDD will also be useful as a blueprint to be followed by the development team. Investors can also use this document to understand how the game works. 

About the Play-2-Earn Game

As a result of the collaboration, a new game has been added to the Metaverse. This will be a P2E trading card game running on Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain network. Gamers will collect trading cards in the NFT form and will vary based on the lines of rarity. There will be Common to Ultra-rare trading cards to be used in battles within the Metaverse. 

Gamers will battle against each other regardless of their location in the world and with every win they will advance to higher levels, in the case of Metaverses, more advanced worlds. 

As rewards for victory, gamers will receive ERC-20 reward tokens. These tokens have several use cases, including making game-based purchases and also trading for fiat currency. 

The Beta Version

There will also be a second series of the P2E game, which will be available during the second quarter of 2022. This beta version will be compatible with Web 3 browsers. Once the final PC version of the game is ready and out, the development team will start working on versions for Android and iOS devices. 

Discussions are also underway between Piccolo Inu developers for the development of an AR game where gamers will be able to find rare NFTs in the actual world and use them to fight fellow gamers live or in real-time. The team also looks to integrate the Metaverse concept in this idea.

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