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10 Questions for the TUPAN Team

May 11, 2021 3:21 pm
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10 Questions for the TUPAN Team

Over the last few decades, the problem of pollution and damaging the environment simply for the sake of business has received more attention than ever before. This is still not enough to turn things around, but there has definitely been some progress, such as raising the awareness of the issue to global proportions. 

With protests and requests to protect the environment going unheard due to the influence and impact of greedy corporations, those concerned about the fate of our world have come up with a new strategy. If the best way to fight fire is with fire, then the best way to fight businesses is through business.  

In recent decades, the problem of pollution and damage to the environment just for commercial purposes has received more attention than ever before. This is still not enough to turn things around, but there has definitely been some progress, as awareness of the problem increases to global proportions.

In light of protests and requests to protect the environment going unheard due to the influence and impact of greedy corporations, those concerned about the fate of our world have come up with a new strategy. If the best way to fight fire is with fire, then the best way to fight business is through business.

This is why ForestAu Green LLC, an Environmental Credit Investment Fund, engaged in the acquisition and management of environmental and farm assets and related interests, focusing primarily on the Amazonian region of Brazil. The firm consists of a group of Brazilians who, thinking about sustainability and regeneration of the Amazonian Forest, created a fund in the US, believing that it is a more mature capital market in regards to tokens and capital markets legislation. 

The company, which is fully regulated and filed with the SEC, also created its own DeFi token known as TUPAN. Each TUPAN corresponds to a single cubic meter of native Amazonia Forest, with token holders having the right to trade their tokens at any time, or simply keep the Environmental Credit in their tokenized form. As the firm’s noted representatives, there are 3,690,000,000 tokens to be distributed. The total Amazonia farms NFTs is larger than this, but not all is tokenized, so, 3.69 billion tokens non-reissuable is what users can acquire.

What can you tell us about the state of your fight to preserve the environment? 

The main value of these investments is the transition to an economy with an environmentally positive impact. There is an urgent need for such investments, taking into account the level of environmental degradation in the 21st century. Tupan aims to direct the proceeds of its investments to initiatives and encouragement for the preservation of biodiversity, reforestation and regeneration. What we will do goes beyond sustainability, it is regenerative systems.  

What areas does ForestAu Green focus on?

ForestAu Green has specialized in identifying business opportunities within a Circular Bioeconomy, creating a self-sustaining marketplace. This involves identifying and analyzing the technical and economic feasibility of Amazonian products developed in the colleges' laboratories and research centers, mainly products that improve people's quality of life and improve Brazilian agricultural and livestock production. 

As everyone knows, this is the largest market in Brazil. And that is ForestAu Green's business strategy. And when you invest in it, everyone "interested in the surroundings" benefits. There is the impact. Social and environmental. As we all want.

How does the environmental crisis affect the world?

The environmental crisis is a global threat. In addition to the geopolitical dimensions of each country, we will all be affected if nothing is done. Today, there is already a scientific consensus on the damage caused by global warming and climate change. According to the Eco Debate website, the World Economic Forum Report (2020) cites the 10 greatest risks to the world:

"1) extreme climate / climate change; 2) failure of actions to combat climate change; 3) occurrence of natural disasters; 4 ) loss of biodiversity; 5) natural disasters caused by human action (example of burning in the Amazonia, Pantanal, Cerrado, other biomes and hundreds / thousands of other places in Brazil or in other countries); 6) fraud and cyber theft; 7) cyber attacks; 8) water crisis; 9) global bankruptcy of national governments and, 10) economic and financial bubbles."

Of course, you are not only working on acquiring land — what other subjects do you work on?

In the management of these lands aimed at regeneration and the circular bioeconomy. As an economic result of Tupan's work, we will have a regenerative forest with integration with human beings and the consequent improvement in the quality of life of the population and community around our regions. Amazonian forests have an important impact not only on the lives of local communities and native peoples, but also affect the entire ecosystem on the planet. Deforestation is not a local problem, but a problem common to all of humanity. To solve this problem, it is necessary to combine all efforts. 

Our goal is to transform the services of maintaining, preserving or regenerating native forests as sources of revenue for those who do so, through a negotiable environmental credit so that another company anywhere on the planet can use this environmental credit to truly compensate for the care that he was unable to comply with. And for that, we need to inform people about this problem and this opportunity, and bring people and companies together to restore forests, help the people who live there and help the future of humanity.

Your approach is quite interesting, combining sustainability and investments. How does that work?

Sustainability entered investments in an overwhelming way and now, it is a path of no return. Throughout the world, investment parameters are sophisticated for institutional and individual investors, with environmental and ethical guidelines as essential points for choosing investments. Tupan seeks more than sustainability, more than ESG. It's impact investment. It truly seeks environment regeneration.

What made you choose to turn to tokenized securities at the beginning of your mission?

It was the best way to bring the individual and institutional investor to help in the regeneration of the Amazonia Forest. With that, it was possible to acquire the NFTs of native Amazonian forest farms and be able to partition them into billions of token units we transformed into Tupans. And we issued them through a mature, developed and secure market, like the United States.

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