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SWFT Blockchain's SWFTC Token Shows Confidence

April 16, 2021 10:16 am
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There is a general belief that almost all of the crypto projects that sprung up in the heydays of ICOs in 2017 and early 2018 are so-called zombies. Industry experts view the period as one where a lot of scam ICO took advantage of the crypto craze to raise funds and disappear on investors.

Other projects that did not disappear stagnated partly as the result of the sharp correction that overtook the markets and saw a sharp decline in the value of crypto assets. SwftCoin, one of the more prominent projects that appeared during the ICO boom seems to be defying the odds and making a strong comeback.


At its launch in 2017, SWFT Blockchain was formed with the goal of creating a powerful crypto swap tool that will help further the integration of key blockchain assets. SWFT Blockchain, to many, was ahead of its time, as cross-chain transactions are still among the key goals that key crypto projects are still working on.

SwftCoin was the asset used to pay for transaction fees on the platform which, at first, supported direct swaps between a dozen prominent crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others. The private sale of SwftCoin in 2017 allowed the SWFT Blockchain team to raise enough funds to continue to build on top of its core swap protocol.

The Reawakening

Although it has always maintained a market cap of over $3 million, SwftCoin (SWTFC) is currently experiencing a renaissance, having recently reached the $20 million market cap benchmark. Industry experts are wondering if this project has been grossly undervalued for years. The project team led by CEO Ramble Lan has always been very ambitious.

New features such as Red Packets and SWFT Pay have been released throughout the years, and SWFT Blockchain recently reached a major milestone as it added support for over 250 different crypto assets. The project is one of the most productive in the crypto world due to its growing number of features which now also include a non-custodial wallet option for Ethereum and BSC assets

Eyes On The Future

Being in the limelight for the right reasons can translate into a favorable outlook from the market as a whole. SwftCoin has been cornering this part of the crypto market as many price watchers say that its recent appreciation in market value is a direct response to the years of innovation and experience that the project has amassed over the past couple of years.

Unlike most of its contemporaries launched during the ICO golden days, SwftCoin is in very tangible existence with working Android and iOS apps that come with dozens of features on top of the project’s patent-pending swap protocol. SWFT Blockchain has further embedded itself in the cryptocurrency market by partnering with wallets like TokenPocket, HuobiWallet and more to integrate its API and offer its swaps directly for the wallet partners’ users.

In what some experts say is the project’s attempt to reward loyal users for keeping faith in the project for years, SWFT Blockchain is now reported to be deep in the development of a one-stop DEX aggregator. This incredible feature is touted to be a gamechanger in the DeFi space as users will also be able to use their SwftCoin to settle transaction fees.  

With its recent inclusion in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, SWFT Blockchain is fully taking advantage of its years of experience and proven track record for innovation, while SwftCoin is proving to be exceptionally resilient. Those who dare to predict say that the future looks promising for SWFT Blockchain should it keep on its consistent trend for anticipating developments and innovating solutions in the crypto industry.


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