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21 Stats About The Global Bitcoin Market

March 16, 2021 6:32 pm
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21 Stats About The Global Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin is the first, and most popular, cryptocurrency in the world. We combed the internet for some stats about the digital currency. All data is as of March 1, 2021. 

Bitcoin Price Growth

  • From January 2017 to March 2021, the value of Bitcoin has increased by 5809%.

  • The bitcoin market cap is over $1 trillion with 6350% growth from 2017.

The bitcoin market cap is 64 times higher than it was in 2017. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the number of bitcoin in circulation and the price of bitcoin. The bitcoin market cap was $15.66 billion dollars in 2017. It has since grown by 6350% to $1 trillion March 2021.

  • The bitcoin market cap is higher than the GDP of 96 countries.

  • The bitcoin market cap exceeds the GDP of 175 countries.

  • There are 18.63 million bitcoins in circulation.

  • There are 68.24 million blockchain wallet users worldwide. 68.24 million active wallet users in different countries show the popularity and interest of people in bitcoin

Who Owns Bitcoin In America?

  • In 2018, Only 2% of American investors owned bitcoin. But that wasn’t the case in 2019. The largest bitcoin ownership survey reveals 6.2% of Americans own bitcoin, while 7.3% are planning to buy some.

Bitcoin Engagement By Gender

  • Looking at Google’s analytics data, coin.dance found that 85.77% of those interested in bitcoin are men. 

Bitcoin Engagement By Age

  • It is no surprise that bitcoin is the currency of the new generation. If we look at the chart provided by coin.dance, 41.35% percent of people engaged with bitcoin are between 25-34. 

Bitcoin Engagement By Device Type

  • Most people (62.53%) use desktops to access information, buy and sell bitcoin. This data was collected by coin.dance from Google analytics. 34.45% use their smartphones to buy, sell and research bitcoin.

Bitcoin Interest By Countries

  • Nigeria, Africa’s fastest-growing economy, is one of the most interesting countries in bitcoin. Fourth on the list is South Africa.

Countries That Mine The Most Bitcoin

  • China tops the list of countries that mine the most bitcoins. China mines 65% of bitcoin in the world, followed by America with only 7.24% and Russia at 6.9%.

Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges In The World

  • Binance is the most popular bitcoin exchange in the world. This popular exchange gets 208.57 million visitors on their global website. Coinbase is the second most popular exchange in the world with 92.70 million visitors monthly.

Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges By Trade Volume

  • According to Binance, they have reached the $3 trillion trading volume on their platform. This is higher than any other exchange in the world. No other exchange even reached $1 trillion until Feb 2021.

Number Of Crypto ATMs

  • America is leading the way in the number of bitcoin ATMs in the world. They have 89% of total crypto ATMs in the world.

Crypto ATM Share By Manufacturer

  • Genesis coin, an American company, manufactures 38.4% of the bitcoin ATMs in the world. General bytes is second on the list with a 27.1% share of the market.

Bitcoin Price Vs Bitcoin Search Volume

  • Data from Semrush shows that the price of bitcoin attracts interest. Whenever the bitcoin price increases, more people search for bitcoin. .

ATM For Buy And Sell

  • Only 23% of ATMs provide the option of both buying and selling bitcoin. On the other hand, 77% of ATMs are operating for buy only.

Top Crypto ATM Operators

Bitcoin Community Interest- Who Is More Interested?

Bitcoin Market Share

  • By comparing bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies, coin.dance found that bitcoins accounted for 62% of the total cryptocurrency market. Ethereum is the world’s second most popular digital currency with a market share of 14.04%.

Bitcoin Engagement By Gender-China

  • The bitcoin community engagement in China is a little different from the rest of the world. Longhash found that 81.07% of those interested in bitcoin are men in China.

Bitcoin Engagement By Age-China

  • Data from Longhash proves bitcoin to be the currency of the new generation. In China, people aged around 30-39 are most interested in bitcoin.

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