Crypto Briefing: Institutional-Grade Analytics And Ratings For Digital Currencies

The cryptocurrency space is in its infancy, according to Han Kao, the founder and CEO of Crypto Briefing. 

"Take everything you read, everything you see out there and be extremely skeptical and form your own opinion.”

That uncertainty led to the creation of Kao's education and technology platform, which most recently launched a high-ROI, real-time, institutional-grade analytics platform for crypto traders. 

How It Started 

Kao began his career in software development before becoming an entrepreneur. His interest in cryptocurrencies grew around 2017: “I started taking it really seriously as opposed to buying and holding.”

Kao said he went into a research rabbit hole of sorts and discovered a problem.

The presence of "fake news, paid advertising, sponsor stories and a general lack of honest reviews and professional analysis" permeated the sector, he said. 

Kao formed a team with the end goal of preventing investors from funding scams and bad projects. This was the inception of Crypto Briefing.

From the start, the organization focused on analysis of initial coin offerings before venturing into fundamental deep dives and reviewing subjects such as the uniqueness of underlying project code.

“We were sending our blockchain guys in there to do a walkthrough [and] take a couple of screenshots,” Kao said. 

In essence, Kao and the rest of his team dissected crypto-blockchain ventures and determined whether the projects were investment-grade.

The Platform

Crypto Briefing is an “independent media company,” Kao said. 

The website is composed of free research, news, analytics, education and data sections.

“We’ve given out a lot of free products and reports, and we just launched our first paid premium product, SIMETRI.”

SIMETRI is a system based on proprietary evaluation methodologies in which fundamental and quantitative analyses are joined together to exploit information asymmetries.

From May 31, 2019 to today, SIMETRI’s analysis realized traders in excess of 50% ROI, outperforming Bitcoin and the overall market by 35%, according to Crypto Briefing. 

“We look at everything at a holistic level. We evaluate the full fundamental picture from a long-term commercial viability perspective,” Kao said. 

With products like SIMETRI, Crypto Briefing deciphers a project's prospects, identifying “entry and exit points, [as well as] potential catalysts that might cause the project to excel or fail.”

The analysis is delivered in multiple formats, from a simplified update to reports that are 30-40 pages long.

Partnering With CoinMarketCap 

Crypto Briefing is partnered with entities like CoinMarketCap, a crypto news, research and analytics source, “to help recommend transparency [and] reporting standards both on the project side as well as on the exchange side.”

The partnership includes the listing of coin ratings on the CoinMarketCap platform.

Crypto Briefing will participate in its first roundtable at the end of next month, Kao said. 

“We are going to be sitting down [with] the guys from Binance, Bittrex and all the big players to talk about how we can bring more transparency to the market,” he said. 

Next Steps

In the next five to 10 years, the crypto space is likely to "see a good amount of innovation, but also a good amount of consolidation," Kao said. 

Crypto Briefing aims to evolve too, catering to new developments and applications like decentralized video streaming bandwidth, he said. 

"We are looking to just follow the market and report on it, and give valuable insight on developments and help position people, from an investment standpoint on how best to potentially capitalize on these trends and be ahead of these trends."

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