Why Are Americans Changing Their Mind On Drug Policy? Survey Results Signal Major Shift In Attitude

A new YouGov poll showed that Americans are becoming more liberal in their drug policy stance.

Out of 40% of respondents who admitted changing their minds on drug policy, nearly half (48%) said they've adopted a "more liberal" perspective on the issue, reported Marijuana Moment. Twenty-six percent of those asked touted a "more conservative" viewpoint, while the rest said their opinion has "changed in some other way."

Among the top reasons why people change their minds about political issues are learning about "new facts or information" and acquiring insights about the world as they mature, followed by "events occurring in the world" that have nudged them to rethink their stance.

Other top issues why people are more likely to change their opinion during their lifetime are foreign policy, health care, the death penalty and immigration.

The survey was conducted online earlier this month and included 1,000 U.S. citizens aged 18 and over.

Meanwhile, a recent poll by Gallup revealed that half of Americans said marijuana has a negative impact on society. The new results surprised many, considering that 68.7% of Americans think cannabis should be legal, as per another Gallup poll.

Interestingly, adults who have tried cannabis ) believe cannabis' impacts on consumers (70%) and society in general (66%) are positive, while on the contrary, the majority of those who have never tried it say they believe its effects are negative on both society (72%) and users (62%).

Photo: Courtesy of Ramdlon, ganjaspliffstoreuk by Pixabay

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