EXCLUSIVE: Ric Flair Had A Beer Preference For Every Decade Before He Found Cannabis

EXCLUSIVE: Ric Flair Had A Beer Preference For Every Decade Before He Found Cannabis

Retired professional wrestler Ric Flair uses cannabis for recovery and relaxation in place of prescription drugs and alcohol, but that hasn't always been the case. 

In a Q&A session following a presentation on his newly-formed partnership with Tyson 2.0, Flair noted that Miller was his beer of choice in the 1970s and it doesn't stop there.

"I got a beer for every decade and a liquor too," Flair said Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami Beach. 

Flair often used alcohol to be able to calm down following professional wrestling events during his 40-year career. According to the legendary wrestler, the WWE is the strictest sports organization in terms of cannabis use.

Flair noted that even he didn't believe in cannabis or have any interest in using it for years, but that changed when he took the time to understand the benefits, he said. 

"Everything that I've been naive and absolutely close-minded to is real," Flair said. "Now when I go upstairs and go to bed at night, I'm not eating a Xanax ... I'm eating a chewy."

Tyson 2.0 is launching a new Flair-branded line of products called Ric Flair Drip that will feature edibles called "Wooooo Chews."

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Flair now considers himself a cannabis enthusiast and advocate, aiming to educate others on cannabis so they can make the transition sooner than he did.

"I'm sad personally that I was so short-sighted for so many years just because I'm old school," Flair said.

"I wish I had realized this 10 years ago, but I absolutely would recommend it for any athlete ... it's not just smokin' marijuana, it's all of the other things that go along with the cannabis product."

Watch the full event below: 

Ric Flair speaks Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. Photo by Dez Smith. 

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