This Michigan Cannabis Company Offers Eco-Friendly Pre-Rolls Containing More Than Just Weed

Golden Shores Cannabis Co, a dispensary from metro Detroit hit the news when Fox reported that the company is contributing to replenishing local flora through biodegradable beeswax tips on its pre-rolls, which have a wildflower seed inside.

"As soon as you're done smoking it, you throw it in the grass and it'll plant a flower," said Jeff Dotson, president of Golden Shores. "It's a very hearty plant, so it'll grow almost in any kind of soil."

Each pre-roll tip contains 5 wild poppy seeds that will pop soon after reaching the soil. When consumers and patients buy their pre-rolls, they're carrying home a potential mini-garden. If buyers also happen to be home weed-growers, they can plant the beeswax tips where they grow their cannabis and add biodiversity to their operation.

Golden Shores is the only Michigan company to have the wildflower seed tips and they're hoping more companies will get involved in helping reduce the inevitable waste that is cannabis product packaging.

"There's so much waste within our industry. We're trying to stop how much waste there is, so with this eco-friendly tip it's going to help change that stigma," added Jimmie Caudill, the director of sales at The REEF, a marijuana dispensary in Detroit.

Photo Courtesy of Comunidad Tribal. 

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