Heavyweight Matchup: Mike Tyson's Tyson 2.0 Premium Cannabis Brand Acquires Majority Stake In Ric Flair Drip, Inc.

Heavyweight Matchup: Mike Tyson's Tyson 2.0 Premium Cannabis Brand Acquires Majority Stake In Ric Flair Drip, Inc.

Mike Tyson’s newly launched cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, announced Thursday the acquisition of a majority stake in Ric Flair Drip, Inc. — the 16-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion’s business entity — with the aim of launching a second celebrity cannabis line in its portfolio and furthering their house of brands strategy.

Tyson 2.0’s strategic alliance with Ric Flair, popularly known as “Nature Boy,” enables the company to assume control of Ric Flair’s trademarks and intellectual properties to launch cannabis flower and edible products under the Ric Flair brand name in the near future. 

Tyson 2.0’s latest venture with Ric Flair establishes the company as a leading celebrity cannabis brand powerhouse.

“Ric is a wrestling icon and we are excited to team up to launch the ‘Ric Flair’ line of cannabis products that speak to the high level energy he brings,” Mike Tyson told Benzinga. “Ric and I go way back so there’s a lot of common ground - but most importantly, he believes in the power of cannabis and knows it can be game-changing. Soon, everyone will be saying, WOOOOO!”

Ric Flair seems to be equally psyched about teaming up with Tyson.

“Thanks to Mike Tyson and Tyson 2.0, I’ve become a true cannabis advocate and enthusiast. I am thrilled to partner with a long-time friend and fellow warrior whom I greatly admire and respect. There are a lot of synergies between me and Mike - we’ve both had many ups and downs, but we keep going at life,” said Flair, regarded by many as the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

“With Mike’s passion for cannabis, Chad and Adam’s industry knowledge, I look forward to creating cannabis products that will appeal to my national fanbase," Flair said. "Tyson 2.0 products make me go wooo, and soon my fans everywhere can get in the Ric Flair state of mind — limousine riding, jet-flying, feeling good, and wooo!” 

Tyson's passion for cannabis will be on full display, in his keynote speech at Benzinga's Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami Beach April 20-21. See below for details.

Tyson 2.0, co-founded by Tyson, Chad Bronstein and Adam Wilks ​​​​​in October 2021, marked the beginning of its nationwide growth strategy bringing Tyson 2.0 branded products to consumers and fans nationwide. 

Through licensing, cultivation and agreements, Tyson 2.0 products are available across dispensaries and retail locations across the states of Colorado, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Michigan with plans to expand nationally and internationally.

“For the last fifty years, Ric has been synonymous with high impact, high energy experiences,” said Bronstein, company chairman. “Similar to how we rolled out Tyson 2.0, Ric Flair cannabis products will reach nationwide distribution through our robust network of industry partners.” 

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