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Switzerland Launching Legal Adult-Use Cannabis Market Trial To Study For Future Regulation

April 14, 2021 3:53 pm
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Switzerland Launching Legal Adult-Use Cannabis Market Trial To Study For Future Regulation

Switzerland will officially launch May 15 a trial version of a legal recreational cannabis market, reported Leafie. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health noted that the trial aims to offer “a scientific basis for the future regulation of cannabis.”

This will make Switzerland the first country in Europe to allow a legal adult-use cannabis supply chain, according to the outlet.

The pilot program is a follow-up of an amendment to the Federal Act on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances approved last September. The passed regulations enable a legal basis for conducting scientific pilot trials in relation to cannabis.

The trial will include 5,000 registered participants, who have proven to the Federal Government they already have been consuming cannabis.

For the trial, cannabis must be organic, produced in Switzerland and contain no more than 20% THC. The packaging should use the model of Canadian companies, making sure product containers are child-resistant, have safety warnings and the cannabinoid content of the products are clearly labeled, writes the outlet.

The country’s Federal Office of Public Health further explained that the current cannabis prohibitions are almost useless, as “despite this ban, consumption is high, the black market is thriving, and users’ safety is not guaranteed.”

According to some estimates, there are around 500,000 adult cannabis consumers in Switzerland. Back in 2012, the country abolished criminal prosecution for a small possession — those caught with less than 10 grams only have to pay a CHF100 fine ($108.39). The sale of “light” cannabis with less than 1% THC is also legal in the country.

(Photo by Sven Fischer on Unsplash)


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