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Her Highness To Launch In Massachusetts Under Deal With TILT

March 5, 2021 12:56 pm
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Her Highness To Launch In Massachusetts Under Deal With TILT

Her Highness NYC's branded THC products are poised to hit shelves in Massachusetts as part of a deal with TILT Holdings Inc. (OTCQX:TLLTF).

The Phoenix-based vertically-integrated infrastructure and cannabis company announced Friday the launch of Her Highness products in select dispensaries in the Bay State, within a month following the contract's inking.

TILT announced the collaboration with the cannabis brand, co-founded and led by Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman, in February.

Under the partnership, TILT's Taunton-based subsidiary Commonwealth Alternative Care agreed to manufacture and distribute Her Highness branded products within the state.

Krongard said they are "very impressed by the professionalism and expertise TILT has provided as our partner."

"We know Tilt will carry our vision and mission by precisely crafting and distributing our products," Eisman disclosed.

TILT is currently working with Her Highness on launching THC versions of some of its products in honor of Women's History Month, including Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Rolls, Pleasure Oil, and Power Puff Kief Pre-Rolls.

TILT president Gary Santo recently told Benzinga that cannabis brands need to "tweak their architecture a little bit" in order to "come east" following legalization, citing the collaboration with Her Highness as an example.

"Understanding how to sell in those markets, the limitations associated with the regulations, including what you can put on your products, and how you can market your brand" is a key to success, he highlighted.