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365 Cannabis Believes Technology To Be A Game Changer For The Consumer

October 27, 2020 1:50 pm
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365 Cannabis joined a panel of cannabis movers and shakers from across the globe at Benzinga’s Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference on October 15. Click here for more coverage of this event with presentations from some of the top CEOs, investors and lenders in the cannabis space. 

The cannabis retail landscape is growing daily. Yet, consumers are constantly looking for more convenient ways to purchase cannabis goods. 

Technology seems like the most qualified candidate to solve this problem as unified commerce is seen as the next generation of retail.

To improve the overall cannabis shopping experience, unified commerce allows shoppers to order online, skip lines, and pick up in-store or even delivery. Operators can now provide the same in-store shopping experience to loyal customers from the comfort of their homes.

At its core, a unified commerce approach enables every part of your customer experience to feel like an extension of your brand.

At Benzinga’s Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference, Brian Cissell from 365 Cannabis discussed the implementation of technology as a game-changer for the consumer.

"Technology has been the driving force behind that cannabis industry's maturity for both operators and consumers. On the consumer side, unified commerce has made cannabis more accessible than ever. E-Commerce, delivery services, and loyalty apps are removing barriers and making cannabis purchases as easy as any other online shopping experience," said Cissell.
Cissell is a Senior Solutions Architect at 365 Cannabis, a complete ERP solution with functionality specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the cannabis industry. The company offers a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for cannabis cultivators, producers, distributors and dispensaries that allows users to maximize efficiency, promote growth and ensure compliance.
Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash


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