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TILT Holdings Is Helping To Build Successful Cannabis Brands By Using Its 3 Pillars

June 11, 2020 10:14 am
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TILT Holdings Is Helping To Build Successful Cannabis Brands By Using Its 3 Pillars

This special presentation from TILT Holdings is from Benzinga’s June 1 Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference. Click here for more coverage of this event, with presentations from some of the top CEOs, investors and lenders in the cannabis space.

TILT Holdings Inc (OTCQB:TLLTF) is a cannabis company that partners with operators globally to help them build world-class brands. The company leverages its vast experience in the cannabis supply chain to solve pain points for operators — sharing in their success.

President and COO of TILT Holdings joined the Benzinga Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference to discuss the brand’s three pillars and position for growth.

The Three Pillars

TILT is comprised of three core operational assets: Jupiter Research, Blackbird, and its plant-touching assets, CAC & Standard Farms.

Jupiter is inhalation technology and research. They are a leader in providing customized solutions to customers looking to build brands. Jupiter’s approach to business is creativity over capital. This TILT pillar entered a strategic partnership with automated filling provider Convectium/Jacksam Corp (OTCQB:JKSM), an infrastructure provider in the hemp space, in Q4 of 2019.

Blackbird is both software and services. The offerings work together to solve supply chain challenges and ultimately drive revenue for cannabis brands, said Conder.

Blackbird also provides distribution and delivery to cannabis businesses. In response to COVID-19 related Nevada adult-use restrictions, Blackbird rapidly scaled outsourced retail delivery.

“We found that great companies want to work with strong operators and they find that in both Blackbird and Jupiter,” said Conder.

Commonwealth Alternative Care (CAC) is a vertically-integrated operation in Massachusetts.
And Standard Farms is a cultivation and production operation in Pennsylvania.

Positioned For Growth

TILT’s incremental growth drivers are specific. One way is through the production of proprietary Jupiter products (Infinity platform, Liquid Que).

“TILT has a differentiated and multi-faceted perspective on the growing cannabis industry — support cannabis companies as they grow to world-class brands.”

Currently, the company powers over 2,000 brands and retailers across the industry. 

Through its unique value proposition helping cannabis companies build brands as the market grows, TILT is positioned for growth.

Ultimately, TILT helps companies build brands as they navigate a challenging marketplace. TILT is not a competitor of these brands but is instead a supporter, said Conder.

“Their success is our success, so we’re perfectly aligned.”

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash