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Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency Releases Latest Weekly Licensing Report

Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency Releases Latest Weekly Licensing Report
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In November 2018, Michigan legalized recreational or adult-use cannabis, creating Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act.

In July, Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency released emergency administrative rules for the legalization of recreational cannabis, by which the Agency is set to begin accepting applications for commercial cannabis business licenses on Nov. 1.

The state House Fiscal Agency predicts Michigan’s annual sales to reach $949 million after the recreational market for marijuana is fully set up in 2020.

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This week, Michigan’s Marijana regulatory Agency released the newest licensing report. Here are the results.

Prequalifications approved:

  • Green Guys Group, Inc., Grower Class A, Processor
  • Standard Ventures, LLC, Safety Compliance Facility
  • Walker Wade Labs, LLC, Grower Class A, Processor
  • Frosty Acres, Inc, Grower Class C
  • RK Mac's, LLC, Grower Class A, Provisioning Center
  • Moneylineholdings Limited, LLC, Grower Class C, Processor, Provisioning Center
  • Mark S. Smith, Sr, Grower Class A
  • JBC, LLC, Provisioning Center
  • Great Lakes Logistical Experts, LLC, Secure Transporter
  • Metroplex Ventures, Inc., Processor
  • Metroplex Solutions, Inc., Provisioning Center
  • Metroplex MLB, Inc., Grower Class C
  • GTI Michigan, LLC, Provisioning Center
  • Murray Hill Development Group, LLC, Grower Class A
  • ANBB Enterprises, LLC, Grower Class A
  • Bababuda, LLC, Provisioning Center (2)
  • Cooktivate, LLC, Provisioning Center
  • Perimeter Lot Holdings, LLC, Processor
  • MI Loud Flower Farms, LLC, Grower Class B
  • Field of Greens, Inc, Provisioning Center
  • From the Earth Michigan, LLC, Provisioning Center

Prequalifications denied:

  • Thelma's Leaf, LLC, Provisioning Center
  • Scottie Denha, Provisioning Center

Previously denied licensure now approved:

  • Uncle Buds Provisioning Center, LLC, Provisioning Center
  • Uncle Buds Provisioning Center, LLC, Grower Class A

Licensure Approved for a pending application granted May:

  • TRC Lapeer, LLC, Provisioning Center

Ownership changes licensure approved:

  • Motas, Inc., Secure Transporter

Renewals Approved:

  • Feleo Manufacturing, Processor
  • Motas, Inc., Secure Transporter
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