Charts: CBD Search Interest Is More Popular Than Beyonce, Kim Kardashian And Veganism

CannabisMD recently compared relative search volumes for CBD and Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, kale and veganism. The findings were a bit surprising.

 “Looking at 2018 trends, CBD grew by over 260 percent in popularity online, whereas Beyonce and Kim Kardashian remained stable, but showing a slow downward trend versus the previous year,” Joshua Neilly, CIO of cannabisMD, told Benzinga.

Michael Klein, CEO of cannabisMD said, “Consumer interest in CBD continues to increase at double the pace year of year. And more products are flooding the marketplace - causing enormous clutter and confusion with varying results depending on quality of a specific product."

“We are also seeing communities forming around specific topics and CBD," Klein said. "For example, CBD and anxiety, or CBD and sleep. Members of these communities are looking for an authority voice to guide them through their journey of discovery - and that is where cannabisMD plays an important role. Ultimately we want to educate and keep consumers safe."

Lead photo by Javier Hasse. Metal work by Caos y Fortuna.

Find a Spanish language version of this article on El Planteo: "El CBD Es Más Popular que Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian y el Veganismo (Gráficos)"


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