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How Are New Innovations Driving The Cannabis Market Growth?

How Are New Innovations Driving The Cannabis Market Growth?

The rapid legalization of cannabis across the states has set licensed producers in search of ways to grow more with less effort and better efficiency. Of course, this requires an updated technology that has made the growing of amazing quality in a consistent and controlled manner possible. So let’s take a look at the technological innovations which are driving the growing cannabis market even further. 

Why Now?

Since technology is already here, this is the inevitable question. Some technology has already helped the cannabis cultivation sector, like the shift from high-pressure sodium lamps to LED lights. The reason why it has taken other innovation so long to reach this market lies in a longstanding stigma for those trying to run a legitimate business in the industry. Marijuana is still illegal when it comes to U.S. federal laws, and precisely these legal concerns have caused the minimal use of technology in the production and sale of cannabis. But as more states are embracing legalization, the long-awaited change is happening. 

Removing Variables With Aeroponics

Variables are leading to fluctuating crop quality, so the way to producing more and better crops lies in the consistency of their removal. This is precisely why aeroponics is taking over hydroponics which has been the most scientific and advanced way to grow cannabis. What is accomplished with this shift where the plant is grown in environments filled with mist or in the air is a perfectly controlled growing environment.  Since it is aggregate or soil-free, many variables which were difficult to control are easily removed. The enclosed nutrient ecosystem, water, and air not only provide ultimate control over variables but also promote the rapid growth of the plant. Furthermore, plants are growing disease-free due to the constant exposure to oxygen and the fact that nutrient mist is sterilized. Basically, this is a cost-effective and simple innovation able to improve maturation rates, survival, and the growth of plants drastically. 

Automatization of Massive Grow Spaces

The rising cannabis demand is making greenhouses bigger and bigger and the question of how to manage these grow spaces in an efficient manner is not a small logistical problem. In order to ensure product quality and adherence to schedule, most growers need to automatize feeding cycles, environmental controls, and lighting. Robotics and AI are already here, so there’s no need for constant human interaction anymore. Changing growing conditions are monitored by sensor and algorithm systems which easily adapt and respond to them. Apart from condition monitoring robotics are also helpful with turning the soil, weeding, and trimming, leading to high-quality and repeatable production of crops at much less cost and time compared to traditional growing techniques.

Software Solution For Regulation And Testing

The biggest obstacle to legalization has always been government-required regulation and testing. In order for cannabis to be sold to the public, it needs to go through lab tests to be considered safe for consumption. The tests are numerous - for processing chemicals, residual pesticides, residual solvents, potency, etc. Naturally, the growing demand has led to a shortage of lab facilities which has created a bottleneck in the delivery process and therefore decreased the ability of the industry to serve its customers. In addition to these test requirements, all the products need to be tracked and documented as they’re grown, processed, and sold. The only thing which helps businesses remain compliant with these harsh demands is the rise of seed-to-sale tracking software. This innovation is probably the crucial one since tracking through all the stages - harvest, lab testing, transportation, and sale - wouldn’t be able to meet the rising demand without it. 

With increased growth and survival rate, automatized grow processes, and efficient tracking methods, this is undoubtedly a huge step forward for the cannabis market. But this world of cannabis technology is still in its infancy and will surely continue to evolve as the push for global legalization continues. 

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