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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Weed-Infused Products For The Marijuana Connoisseur And Canna-Curious

February 14, 2019 10:43 am
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With the legalization of CBD nationwide and recreational cannabis in 10 states, a wide range of products are available that are perfect for the most romantic day of the year. 

A number of companies have introduced cannabis-infused wellness products.

"Sexual topicals are a revolutionary approach to cannabis that most people still haven’t heard of, and they work so well — especially for women, because of the uniquely absorptive nature of their genitals," said Mathew Gerson, founder and co-CEO of Foria, a manufacturer of cannabis-infused wellness products.

Even though "sex is a year-round thing," as Gerson put it, the cannabis industry is seeing higher sales around Valentine's Day.

Flowhub, a provider of compliance software, said that during last year's Valentine's Day weekend, there was a 22-percent increase in sales over the previous one.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular products for Valentine's Day. Even if you are not a regular cannabis consumer, or have never tried weed in your life, the list will still be a great inspiration to explore outside the realm of roses, teddy bears, chocolates and lingerie. 

Foria Awaken CBD-Infused Arousal Oil

Sex is obviously a highlight of Valentine’s Day, so why not try to spice things up with Awaken, a CBD-infused arousal oil from Foria? People in California and Colorado can also buy Pleasure, a THC- and CBD-infused arousal oil.

Awaken, which can be used as a lubricant and massage oil, includes other plants in addition to cannabis, such as kava root extract, which stimulates the same receptors as THC, Foria’s Gerson said.

Velvet Kiss

In addition to their cannabis-infused lubricant, Velvet also offers Velvet Kiss spray. The spray is a tincture containing 50mg THC and 10mg CBD. It’s designed to decrease anxiety and create a slight, relaxing high sensation.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day, but instead of going for regular chocolate — even expensive handcrafted ones — try some cannabis-infused chocolate instead. For example, Satori offers a choice of milk and dark chocolate bars that contain 90mg of THC or chocolate bites with strawberry, blueberry, almonds, raisins and other additions that contain THC, CBD, or both.

If getting high off chocolate is too much for you, King Karl offers milk and dark chocolate bars that contain 90mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Mind Tricks Toffee

Aside from chocolate, toffee is also a nice desert that you can enjoy together with your significant other. California-based handcrafted toffee maker Sweetbricks teamed up with Jetty Extracts to create Mind Tricks Toffee, which contains 100mg of THC per package and comes in Cookies n Cream or PB+J flavors.


Instead of the boring roses or other flowers that will sit in a vase for a couple of days before ending up in the trash, why not get some flowers that you can get some use out of — by smoking them. Leafly has a list of cannabis strains that would be great for Valentine’s Day, and some even have romantic names like Love Potion #1. People in Los Angeles and neighbouring areas can add more sophistication by choosing the Cannabis Bouquet from Lowell Herb Co, which in addition to 1 oz of flower also includes sprigs of eucalyptus and gyp. 

Infusion Kit From Ardent

Cooking with your significant other can be very romantic, so why not try to make some edibles? With the Ardent infusion kit, you can prepare cannabis-infused caramel that you can add to ice cream or fruit, or use to make more sophisticated deserts, or even spread it on the body if you are into that sort of thing.

Beboe Besties

Beboe has made a name for itself in the high-end cannabis segment because of the great attention to design and aesthetics of its products, and it's even attracted the attention of luxury department store chain Barneys. Beboe Besties is a great Valentine’s Day present that comes in cute packaging and includes a vape pen and a box of cannabis pastilles.

Hemp Lingerie

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, then hemp is likely your favorite fabric. Even if you are not a cannabis consumer, you should still like hemp because it’s more efficient to grow, requires less water and is more resistant than cotton.

That’s why a great Valentine’s Day gift is lingerie made out of hemp. Nomads Hemp Wear has a decent selection of intimate underwear for women and other clothing items. 

Gift Card

For those with a lack of time or imagination, a gift card is a great solution. Many cannabis stores offer gift cards, so there’s plenty of places to choose from. After all, when it comes to a gift, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Weed-Flavored Condoms

Our last item is more of a gag gift than anything else. These weed-flavored condoms don’t have any THC or CBD, only the taste. It’s highly unlikely that anybody smokes weed for its flavor. Therefore you won’t get any of the benefits of cannabis, but will still have fun and get the necessary protection. Just remember not to use them (or any other condoms for that matter) with Foria and Velvet products, as they are oil-based and oil can degrade latex.

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