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Getting an Insight Into The Comparison Between Forex And Binary Options

Getting an Insight Into The Comparison Between Forex And Binary Options


It is possible to look upon Binary Options as one of the widely popular options that have gained immense popularity in the past two years. The fact behind the same is that it offers you with the benefit of being able to earn a huge amount of profit. While you are trading with Forex, you are primarily speculating regarding the value of one particular frequency as to whether; the same will increase or decrease.

Determine The Cost

Such a comparison needs to be done, in order, to ensure if you are enjoying any scope of earning profit. As far as binary options remain in question, you are supposed to arrive at a definitive conclusion if the cost of an asset will decrease/increase as compared to the current price. In this respect, it needs to be understood that if you are able to make the right prediction, there can be no single reason that it will not be possible for you to earn a profit margin of eighty percent on the total investment that has been made.


If you perform a comparison between the two from ‘margin’ point of view, there remains a slight degree of difference, as well. In Forex, you are supposed to use margin; whereas, there is no need to use Margin while trading along with Binary Options. In case of Forex, the broker remains responsible so as to be able to determine the maximum margin. In many cases, it is found that the same can be till the value of 1:500 and 1:200. It is due to Margin that it will be possible for you to boost the amount of investment capital. It indeed will not be a wrong claim to make that Binary Options is considered to be an attractive alternative for all concerned traders.

Amount Of Profits/Losses

If you think over Forex, it will not be possible for you to determine the maximum amount of profit you can expect to earn. In case of Forex, it will be possible for you to set a stop order so that you are guaranteed of being able to earn a certain amount of profit. Whereas; in case of Binary Options, it will not be difficult for you to determine the loss of return percentage and the payout that you can expect to relate along with a particular option. There are many brokers that make available you with payouts till the amount of eighty percent.

Types of Orders

In case of Forex, there are different types of orders. A few of the advanced orders include; OCO, Limit, Stop and Hedge orders. If you think about Binary Options, there are five different types of orders such as; 60 seconds options, Boundary Options, Option Builder and 60 Seconds Options.

Trading Costs

If you are planning to trade in Forex, it is important to bear in mind as to what are meant by swap/rollover. In case of binary options, you need to understand that there are no rollovers or spreads that are involved.

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