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Why BlackBerry Took Over the Business World


BlackBerry smartphones are still winning the war when it comes to business operations, in spite of other successes and battles won by other players. Here are a few reasons why these original smart devices are winning back fans and followers.

Open Development Platform

Developers and control freaks love BlackBerry phones because they allow freedom to create and adapt. The accessibility is unparalleled, allowing companies to create their own apps which can be published on public sites or even OTA (over-the-air).

People who choose BlackBerry smartphones understand that the company is interested in their success. This is proven by the large library of APIs that users can leverage for deep integration and a fuller, richer adaptation.

Manageable for IT Department

Why does IT love BlackBerry smartphones? It's simple: BlackBerry smartphones are manageable and easily deployed. Information Technology specialists can easily control a fleet of BlackBerry smartphones that are standardized perfectly and efficiently.

While most employers are struggling with BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) and the chaos ensuing from hundreds of phone models running amok at work, BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility management smartphone services help IT departments easily avoid problems. The IT department only has to learn one system and to adapt it for the workplace once.

Excellent Security

BlackBerry devices are Java-based, which allows for an immediate sense of security in users. RIM owns and controls all hardware, backend software (BES) and the operating system used for BlackBerry devices, which makes their security incredibly well-managed and air-tight.

While incredibly open in many ways for businesses to make adjustments, security is one area that RIM does not negotiate — security is kept in-house and locked-down. Because of this, businesses are trusting BlackBerry smartphones more than other companies and BlackBerry smartphones are easily taking over the business world with their promise of secure transactions.

Impressive Phone Systems

BlackBerry's Mobile Voice System allows each business to choose if they should integrate the cellular system with in-house phone lines or not. What that means for workers is that a call dialed to a desk can be transmitted to a BlackBerry smartphone, so that the worker's absence doesn’t cost the company a client. This makes BlackBerry smartphones a great choice for business travelers.

Integrated Software

RIM is well-entrenched in enterprise software and always will be, because it devotes its fleet of phones to the business person. BlackBerry smartphones are meant to be flexible for workplace adaptations, so their software is easily re-written for each office and every need. From police forces to hospital workers, government organizations to field electricians, BlackBerry devices are malleable and personal.


BlackBerry devices are durable, but the company is itself more durable than most companies. It stands the test of time, setting standards for others to aspire towards. People trust BlackBerry, because it was the first smartphone accepted in workplaces around the globe and because it remains there, today.

While BlackBerry devices are not used by everyone everywhere, they are often used by people who expect a lot out of their smartphones. They offer a lot more flexibility and durability than other devices and their users appreciate being treated with respect and consideration.

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