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March 25th Watchlist


Cyprus bailout was completed over the weekend but fears are still present concerning the futures of the country as well as the ultimate effect on the Eurozone. Many pundits are guaranteeing a recession and the country still remains at the risk of default. The specifics of the deal revolve around a restructuring of the two largest banks.

S&P Futures have already given back a considerable amount of their gains from the morning session although many sectors still remain in positive territory. Watching the Euro and Dollar trade today may be important in assessing what direction this market really wants to go for this week. One would have expected that with a bailout for Cyprus we would test those all time highs from 2008 but it seems that's a bit premature now after seeing the market react somewhat negatively to the fresh news from the Eurozone.

For you intraday traders, this week will spell out many things for the month of April. With the lack of economic data this morning, don't get too overly bias to either side because what may seem obvious could just be a setup to put you on the wrong side.


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