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How To Become An 'Idea Machine'


How do you transform your life?

The answer is simple. Come up with 10 ideas a day. Every day. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad; the point is to exercise your idea muscle, to make it sweat.

James recently talked with Claudia Azula about her brand new book, Become an Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are the Currency of the 21st Century.

People say ideas are cheap and execution is everything, but that is NOT true. Execution is a consequence, a subset of good, brilliant idea. And good ideas require daily work.

As Claudia explains, coming up with 10 ideas a day is very important.

Ideas may be easy if you are only coming up with one or two, but if you try to produce more than three, you will feel a burn, scratch your head, and you will be sweating and working hard. There is a turning point when you reach idea number six for the day, when you still have four to go, and your mind muscle is getting a workout. By the time you list those last ideas to make it to ten, you will see for yourself what "sweating the idea muscle" means.

When you practice every day your life will transform...

Life changes for the better when we become the source of positive, insightful, and helpful ideas.

Challenge yourself to try it for 180 days and see your life transform, in magical ways, in front of your very eyes.

When you exercise your idea muscle every day, you become an idea machine, you are unstoppable.

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