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Do Echo Boomers Want Money, Sex or Self-Esteem Boosts?


A humorous Monday article on what the Millennial generation prefers. Echo Boomers apparently will take a self-esteem boost over money, food and sex (except female Echo Boomers, who valued money and seeing their best friend on par with a self-esteem boost). To be fair, I would respond to the survey in the same way for two reasons:

1. A self-esteem boost could be any number of things. Echo Boomers might think of a raise as a self-esteem boost, in which case they would be making more money. They may also see hooking up with a hot boy/girl as a self-esteem boost. They may like spending time with their best friend because he/she builds their self-esteem (personal example: I get a self-esteem boost when I plot how the VXX will do given the current and previous day's information and watch my theory be confirmed).

2. Depending on how you read the study, a self-esteem boost may be different relative to the day or situation, whereas the other options are set. Let me explain: since our self-esteem can change in one area to another (ie: we can feel good about our financial lives, but bad about our spiritual lives), a favorite self-esteem boost may be relative to the day. What if Echo Boomers aren't hungry? Then they wouldn't want to eat their favorite food. Whereas, if they're having a bad hair day, receiving a compliment on their hair is perfect for the situation.

I would bet that some Echo Boomers read that the same way that I did: it can change relative to the day or situation. The other options can't.

I don't find this study disturbing at all; rather, it's seems quite obvious and hilarious.

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