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Staff Picks: 10 Best Songs To Get You Pumped For The Trading Day

Staff Picks: 10 Best Songs To Get You Pumped For The Trading Day

It's Monday morning. You crawl out of bed after a long weekend of one too many Moscow Mules and try to put yourself together for the week that lies ahead.

At the office, you're slouched in your chair, staring at your laptop screen with heavy eyelids. In every sense of the word, you are exhausted.

But there is a lot work to be done, and many trades to be made. There has to be something you can do for a spark of energy or even just an ounce of motivation. Coffee helps, sure. But your caffeine tolerance is unspeakable, and it does little more than keep you alive at this point.

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Turn Up The Bass

So what can you do to get the gears turning and get to trading like your life depends on it?

MUSIC. The right song has the power to take your mind to a different plane, the ability to transform you into a different person and, above all, the right song can leave you ready to utterly dominate the trading floor.

So, we have put together a list. Enjoy!

(In no particular order)

"Cruise"- Oliver Chang & Evan James
- Seth B.
"I really enjoy Indie electronic music when I am working. It's got good beats, but it's not so outrageous that it is distracting."

"Gotta Get Mine"- Tupac ft. MC Breed
-Sebastian B.

"Uptown Anthem"- Naughty by Nature
-Sebastian B.
"I chose these songs because of their melodies. They're very upbeat and get you in the mood to execute with precision."

"The Final Countdown"- Europe
-Brent, Benzinga
"Traders could use this is as a clock just before the market closes. Start the song and you know you've got three or four of the most intense moments of trading in your day ahead of you. As the song winds down, (if you're a day trader) you better have all your trades pulled off!"

"You Can Do It (baby)"- Nuyorican Soul & George Benson
-Brent S.
"‘You can do it, baby…' You can turn a profit for the day, trader! This soulful, jazzy house anthem will help keep traders in a positive mind state!"

"Heart of a Lion"- Kid Cudi
-Tyree G.
"I chose 'Heart of Lion' because that's what you need when you're trading stocks. Don't let your feelings get in the way of your profits."

"Stronger"- Kanye West
Tyree G.
"Everyone knows this anthem right here. Even though it's an older song, it really puts you in the zone and gets you ready to give the task at hand all you got."

"Be Humble"- Kendrick Lamar
-Humza W.
"If you aren't humble in the markets, the markets will humble you. Everyone will be wrong and have losing trades, and if you can't be humble and accept being wrong, you won't last long!"

"CREAM"- Wu Tang Clan
-Devonte K.
This song has it all. The grit, the energy, the lyrics, and most of all, the subject matter. A few minutes of "Cash rules everything around me, CREAM! Get the money, dollar-dollar bills yal!", is more than enough to get someone pumped up about making some major money moves.

"Do It Myself"- Russ
-Devonte K.
When it comes to things like trading, the ball is entirely in your court. It's your job to take accountability and do whatever it takes to come out profitable. This track gives you the confidence and the drive to be a go-getter.

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