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Patrick Mahony Talks About Why A Business Should Employ A Web Developer And Own A Website


Web development has been playing a very important role on the worldwide web. Both small and large businesses depend on a website to get their products seen by millions of internet users. Patrick Mahony has been developing websites for a number of years for clients worldwide and as a result grown to know the intricacies of what it takes to get a perfectly built website up and running. Below are some of his reasons why one should employ a web developer as well as own and operate his or her website.      

Why own a website?

Persons may have different reasons why they own a website. A compelling reason why persons own their website is to make as much money as possible in the market the business is trying to make a profit. A website allows its owner to sell what he or she wants and allows him or her to bite off a bigger share of the market. Though an individual can sell on public websites on the web, it is much better that he or she sets up his or her own site to do business. According to Patrick Mahony, people who use public sites to sell their goods often have to abide by the admin’s rules and in some cases, those rules limit the amount of sales they make. Employing a web developer to build a convenient site is a way to drive great sales opportunities to a business.  

For SEO purposes

Website owners have full control over their own site. Rather than use a social media site such as Face Book and LinkedIn to try to start and run a SEO campaign, it is better for a business to take full advantage of SEO opportunities by using its own website. A website owner can use strong keywords to his or her own advantage to attract the attention of Google, which in turn will send potential buyers to the site. If one is not an experienced web developer, he or she is prone to making mistakes that might deter customers from visiting the site. This is why it is better to employ a good web developer who can build a site that caters for SEO and which will drive many customers looking for products to buy on the site.

Selling and controlling a business’s brand

An owner who owns his or her site can sell his or her brand and not another business’s brand. The business owner has a domain in which to operate from, the website is his or her own brand and therefore he or she has the right to decide how to represent him or herself using that brand in front of the public.

By following the above tips given by Patrick Mahony, one can bring much attention to the products he or she is selling on the internet and thus boost sales. The sky can become the limit and developing the right kind of site for a business can make a big difference in the life of the owner.   


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