One of Elon Musk's Children Wants To Cut Ties With Dad, So How Many Kids Does He Actually Have?

This story was originally published in May 2022.

After the Tesla TSLA CEO Elon Musk and Amber Heard  broke up in 2017, he began to date Canadian musician Grimes.

Musk and Grimes would introduce their first son X Æ A-12 in 2020 and their second child Exa Dark Sideræl in 2021.

Exa Dark is Musk's first daughter and eighth child.

Justine (Wilson) Musk is the first wife of the famed billionaire. The two were married in January 2000 and introduced their first son, Nevada Musk, in 2002, the same year Musk founded SpaceX.

Unfortunately, Nevada passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at 10 weeks.

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Two years later, the pair had twin boys, Griffin and Xavier Musk, the same year Elon joined Tesla, and in 2006, Justine gave birth to triplets, Damion, Saxon and Kai Musk.

The older twins, Griffin and Xavier, are 18, and the younger three are 16.

Justine and Musk split custody of the five children following their divorce in 2008.

The first wife of the wealthiest man in the world called herself a "starter wife," saying in a 2010 article in Marie Claire: “Although I am estranged from Elon — when it comes to the children, I deal with his assistant — I don't regret my marriage. I've worked through some anger, both at Elon for rendering me so disposable, and at myself for buying into a fairy tale when I should have known better. But I will always respect the brilliant and visionary person that he is,” she said. “Elon and I share custody of the children, who are thriving. I feel grounded now, and deeply grateful for my life.”

Musk did not have children with his second wife, actress Talulah Riley, whom he married twice. 

Photo: Elon Musk with Grimes, the mother of two of his children, at the Met Gala 2018 via Sky Cinema / Shutterstock

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