Study: Thanks To Remote Learning, Teen Students Less At Risk For Anxiety

Young students are less at risk for anxiety now than before the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Bristol found in an August 2020 study. 

Researchers studied more than 1,000 teenagers ages 13 and  14 in the United Kingdom. The team found that 54% of 13-to 14-year-old girls were at risk of developing anxiety prior to the pandemic. 

In girls, data indicates that rates of anxiety have fallen roughly 10% during the pandemic. It's similar for boys ages 13-14: the prevalence of anxiety has dropped 8%, from 26% to 18%.

While being at home and away from classmates is less than ideal, the university suggests that some positives are coming from distance-learning initiatives. 

Despite not attending school in-person, students reported stronger a stronger connectedness to school during lockdown, with marked increases in the number of students who said they get the opportunity to talk with their teachers.

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