GoCardless Launches Payment Intelligence Product, Success+

GoCardless, a fintech for recurring payments, formally released Success+, a platform helping businesses tackle the problems caused by failed payments.

“Success+ is the first in a line of payment intelligence products that we are launching to help our customers manage their recurring payments more effectively,” said Hiroki Takeuchi, CEO, and co-founder of GoCardless. “It enables businesses to retry their payments at the optimal time when funds are most likely to be available.”

The new product leverages machine learning trend analysis to identify the ideal time to retry failed payments, automatically scheduling retries based on merchant-set parameters.

“Of the 2,000 customers who have been testing Success+ prior to launch, 63% have seen an improvement in cash flow,” added Takeuchi. “Many of our customers struggle with the problems caused by failed payments and we are now able to improve the process for them, proving that payment failure is optional rather than inevitable.”

To learn more about the GoCardless product portfolio, please visit gocardless.com.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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