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Student Transcripts Make the Grade With MeasureOne's Credit Reports

Student Transcripts Make the Grade With MeasureOne's Credit Reports

The 2017 Benzinga Fintech Summit was a gathering of leaders from every fintech vertical displaying the next generation of fintech innovation.

In this new article series, we’ll be sharing insights and new products from the inaugural BZ Summit.

The Company:

Founded in 2009, MeasureOne is a private student loan reporting company with a mission to expand both the availability of financial vehicles to student borrowers and the market of addressable credit candidates to lenders.

To do this, MeasureOne substitutes traditional credit worthiness information that many young students don’t have in favor of academic transcript data. This information is compared against academic characteristics that are predictive of credit solvency.

The Pitch:

MeasureOne’s process is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and is currently accepted by two lenders. The company’s rating works by extracting data during loan application process. That information is then scored based on data the company has mined from millions of academic transcripts

Explaining the company’s model to the audience at this year’s Benzinga FinTech Summit in San Francisco, MeasureOne managing director Brian Gunn signaled the demand for reliable predictive data on loan repayment. This included lenders looking to tap into an underserved market, to students interested in building credit profiles as well as schools seeking to retain students with transcript characteristics that might signal the possibility of dropping out.

The Future:

MeasureOne is seeking to continue partnering with lenders, analytics companies and academic institutions to provide further data on student lending and greater access to loan capital for young borrowers.

Watch the video below to see MeasureOne’s full demo at BZ Fintech Summit.


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