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Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that deals with surgical interventions involving the brain, spinal cord and other components of the nervous system. If you are looking for the best neurosurgeon in the world for such an important and vital subject, it is inevitable that you will encounter Tolga Dundar. So how did Tolga Dundar achieve this success? Why can you choose him for neurosurgery? What are the features that distinguish him from others? Be ready to find answers to these and similar questions. You will also gain various knowledge about neurosurgery.

What is Neurosurgery? 

Neurosurgery is a medical speciality that involves the surgical treatment of various disorders, injuries and diseases affecting the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (nerves in the body). A neurosurgery specialist must have the know-how to recognise such conditions. He or she must also have expertise in treating or managing medical conditions. The main goal of neurosurgery is to improve the quality of life of patients by preserving or improving their neurological functions.

In Which Situations Are Brain Surgery Procedures Necessary?

Brain surgery procedures are performed to maintain and treat the health of the brain and central nervous system, which are one of the most complex and vital organs of the human body. These surgical interventions are generally necessary in situations that threaten neurological functions or could lead to serious health problems.

Brain tumors: Brain tumors are divided into two as benign and malignant. Generally, slow-growing tumors that do not spread to surrounding tissues are benign tumors. Of course, benign does not mean that surgical intervention is not required. Surgical intervention is necessary to control the growth of the tumor or to remove it completely. In addition, tumors that grow rapidly and can spread to surrounding tissues are malignant tumors. Surgical intervention should be performed to remove the tumor and prevent its spread.

Brain Haemorrhages and Aneurysms: Intracerebral hemorrhage caused by head traumas are called traumatic brain hemorrhages. In these cases, urgent surgical intervention is required. This is an issue that neurosurgery should deal with directly. It may require urgent surgical intervention. In addition, the neurosurgery takes a careful role in hemorrhages caused by ballooning and rupture of the brain vessels, which are known as aneurysms.

Head Traumas: Examples include skull fractures. Skull fractures and injuries that damage brain tissue may require emergency surgical intervention.

Brain Oedema: If there is swelling or increased pressure in the brain tissue, it means that there is brain oedema. Surgical decompression may be required.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Diseases: You need to get help from a specialist physician in spinal fractures that cause spinal cord injuries. Doctor Tolga Dundar also provides health services for you in spinal cord injuries or problems related to the spinal cord. Similarly, you can also get help when necessary in lumbar or neck hernias. Because this condition can cause pain and neurological symptoms by pressing on the nerve roots. Surgical treatment will be healthy.

Vascular Disorders: Arteriovenous Malformations can be given as an example. They are abnormal vascular structures in the brain. It is treated with surgical or endovascular methods. You should also seek help from a specialist neurosurgeon for Carotid Endarterectomy. This procedure allows the clearance of blockages in the neck vessels and reduces the risk of stroke to a good extent.

Functional Neurosurgery: Epilepsy and Parkinson's can be given as examples for functional neurosurgery, which is in a one-to-one relationship with neurosurgery. Dr Tolga Dundar can meticulously take part in the treatment of epilepsy seizures that cannot be controlled with medication or in surgical methods such as deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease.

Chronic Pain Syndromes: Trigeminal neuralgia is a pinched nerve that causes severe pain in the face. It is treated with microvascular decompression or other surgical methods. A neurosurgery procedure is also required for sciatica, which refers to pressure on the nerves due to disc herniation or spinal narrowing. It is important to remove the pressure on the nerve. 

Developmental and Congenital Disorders: Hydrocephalus can be given as an example. Cerebrospinal fluid should be in balance. If the cerebrospinal fluid accumulates excessively in the brain, hydrocephalus is seen. This is just one of the dozens of issues that Dr Tolga Dundar, known as the best neurosurgeon in Turkey, deals with. He also has knowledge and experience in correcting congenital spinal problems such as Spina Bifida.

Infections and Inflammatory Diseases: If an infection develops in the brain, it can cause an abscess. In this case, called brain abscess, neurosurgery is of great importance. Infections in the spine can also be given as an example.

Who is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Turan Dundar?

Associate Professor Dr. Tolga Dundar, the name that comes to mind when talking about neurosurgeon in Turkey, stands at the forefront of treating neurological disorders through the use of cutting-edge innovations and advanced neurosurgical techniques. These include minimally invasive procedures, endoscopy-assisted surgeries, intraoperative neuro-navigation, neuro-monitor-assisted brain surgeries, stereotactic radiosurgery, awake brain surgery, deep brain stimulation, and numerous minimally invasive spinal surgery approaches. Born in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, in 1977, Dr. Dundar pursued his medical education at Istanbul Medical School of Kocaeli University.Finally, Istanbul University- Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Istanbul, Turkey (PhD) completed its second doctoral program.

Dr Tolga Dundar, a great example for people looking for a neurosurgeon in Istanbul, started his specialization in Brain and Spine Surgery at Bezmialem University in Istanbul in 2008 . Throughout his career, Dr. Dundar has provided his neurosurgical expertise at various government hospitals. Subsequently, he served as a neuro and spine surgeon at Bezmialem Vakif University in Istanbul, where he conducted extensive research in advanced neuro-oncology, neuro-vascular surgery, and spine surgery. Dr. Dundar has performed numerous neurosurgical operations across several continents, working both in private practice and in voluntary capacities. 

What Distinguishes Tolga Dundar from Other Neurosurgeons?

There are many features that distinguish Tolga Dundar from other neurosurgeons. First of all, his dedication and passion for his profession is one of the most obvious differences. Dr Dundar closes all communication channels until 3-4 days before his operations and focuses only on his operations. During this time, he examines the condition of his patients down to the finest detail and undergoes an intensive preparation process to perfect the surgery plan. This intensive preparation is an indication of his determination to provide the best results to his patients.

Dr. Tolga Dundar's extensive experience and knowledge in the field of neurosurgery are also important factors that make him stand out. He offers his patients the most up-to-date and effective treatment options with the innovative surgical techniques and applications he has developed for the treatment of different neurological conditions. The numerous surgeries he has performed to date prove his expertise and competence in this field. In addition, he has made significant contributions to his field with his articles published in various national and international journals and has gained a respected place among his colleagues.

Dr. Dundar is an expert in many advanced techniques, from minimally invasive surgery to deep brain stimulation, from endoscopy-assisted surgery to intraoperative neuronavigation and neuromonitor-assisted neurosurgery. This diversity enables him to choose the treatment modalities that best suit the individual needs of his patients. At the same time, he has a wide range of knowledge and experience in neurosurgery and spine surgery, making him a trusted authority in this field.

Considered to be the best neurosurgeon in Turkey, Dr Tolga Dundar continuously improves himself and updates his professional knowledge to provide the highest standards of care to his patients. For him, every patient is the beginning of a new success story and every surgery is a reflection of his dedication to his profession. Dr Dundar's sincere and meticulous approach is one of the most important features that distinguish him from other neurosurgeons. Thanks to his dedication to the health of his patients and his superior competence in his field, being treated with Dr Tolga Dundar offers a reassuring and hopeful experience for patients.

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