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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Simply input your main corporate office address, and the number of locations you operate. A BCA Representative will handle the rest!

No. In fact, it is common for members to sign up based on a single service provider offer. Invariably, we find our members are learning about more opportunities to save money and are taking advantage of savings they did not know were available. 

We are continually sourcing new service providers daily and we are always looking to improve exclusive offers we have with our current service providers.

Yes. Many of our members have made great suggestions on service provider categories and specific service providers we should contact. So, if you have an idea, use the contact form above to share. Your fellow members will be grateful. 

No. However, your initial membership period is for one year. If you are not satisfied with the value you are receiving from the BCA, you can have your membership canceled. 

We choose service providers who offer the best savings and service to our members. Additionally, our selected service providers view this opportunity as a win-win. They understand that offering reduced rates while growing the market share is worthwhile for the growth of their businesses.