Jeremy Hoy's Stock Ratings

Canaccord Genuity Analyst

Jeremy Hoy is an analyst at Canaccord Genuity. Analyst ratings are quantitative and qualitative analysis of a stock by Wall Street stock rating analysts. Stock ratings consist of expected future growth, current stock valuation and macroeconomic trends. Updated 06/18/2024

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04/23/2024VZLABuy Now
Vizsla Silver
$1.72176.16%$4 → $4.75MaintainsSpeculative BuyGet Alert
04/23/2024SKEBuy Now
Skeena Resources
$4.78256.02%$14.75 → $17MaintainsSpeculative BuyGet Alert
04/12/2024OREBuy Now
Orezone Gold
$2 → $2MaintainsBuyGet Alert
09/06/2023SKEBuy Now
Skeena Resources
$4.78198.43%$12.5 → $14.25MaintainsSpeculative BuyGet Alert

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