Ronald Baron: 'Mobileye NV Has A Monopoly, It Is Like Microsoft And Intel'

Billionaire investor and founder of Baron Capital, Ronald Stephen Baron, feels that camera-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) manufacturing company Mobileye NV MBLY has the potential to become really big.

Baron was on CNBC Wednesday to explain why he is bullish on the company.

Data That No One Else Has

“They have the data and they have been collecting this data for I don’t know how many years, 13 years,” Baron began. “Took them 3 or 4 years to get to be profitable and now it’s a $300 million business. But in the United States, there are 35,000 deaths a year because of automobile accidents and around the world, I think, there are 1.5 million fatalities a year. There are 75 million people who are injured a year, there’s $1 trillion a year of economic damage. This guy has a monopoly, this is like Microsoft and Intel.”

100 Percent Market Share

Baron revealed that the anti-collision data chips supplied by MobileEye are hugely in demand from automobile manufacturers and the company has “got 90 percent share when they went public, now they have a 100 percent share. They are doing business with 23 of the 25 automobile companies, you can’t get this data from anyone else except from them.”

Monopoly For A Long Time

On Mobileye’s growth prospects and monetization potential, Baron said, “It’s a very small amount (the cost of chips manufactured by MobileEye) relative to a car price and the regulators are going to require all these cars to have it and these guys have essentially monopoly and they will for a long time on chips and software, that’s one idea. And so, with a trillion dollars this company in 10 years they could be doing $5-6 billion a year of revenues and making [...] $3-4-5 billion in profits.”

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