German Crypto Startup Develops Blockchain-based Enterprise Solutions and Launches ICO after Review by Financial Authorities

Hamburg, Germany - (NewMediaWire) - August 25, 2022 - CeBioLabs is a strategic andlong-term project that aims to revolutionize the global health and wellnessmarket with its value chains. It recently announced the launch of its ICO,which runs until the end of September 2022. The token sale (ICO) was announcedafter a successful review of the token by German financial authorities. Theyoung German project, that offers the management services of the supply andvalue chains of the health and wellness industry. It is launched by threeGerman companies of the field of health and wellness products, Crypto- andBlockchain technology. The development of the whole project conception tookmore than a year. The experience and respective know-how in the health andwellness market and Blockchain-technology offer the project unlimitedpossibilities and make it the first of its kind in the world. Since thebeginning, CeBioLabs is accompanied by a renowned German law firm for financialand capital law.

The entire project and its tokenhave been proved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Furthermore, the CBSL Token of thecompany will play an essential role as the link between all their products.Only CBSL will be available to companies to pay the usage fees for their B2Bsolutions and services. They are planning numerous global paid services andproducts for companies, which is why the CBSL Token will significantly benefittheir network. The company wants to allow the payment of usage fees for itscomplex solutions and systems exclusively with its own CBSL token.


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In addition, private holders of CBSLcan also benefit from free products, exclusive offers or using CBSL as apayment method in some of their shops. Any CBSL paid to the company as usagefees will be locked in for a minimum of 3 years.

The company will also use 10% of allprofits from the company CeBiol GmbH (part of the CeBioLabs collective) forCBSL Buybacks and Token-Burns. This means that in the long run, the runningcompany will increase the value of the token through scarcity and make it moreintegral to the company's construct. The emerging platform offers the followingfeatures:

Blockchain-based Supply ChainManagement

"CeBioLabs SCM", aBlockchain-based Solution to manage Value Chains.

Decentralized Marketplace

"CBSL Marketplace", aGlobal Marketplace for Health and Wellness Products.

Certificate of Authenticity

Development of a Blockchain-basedCoA Portal for Health and Wellness products

E-Commerce Business

Launch of global E-Commerce Projectsto generate Operational Revenue.

Research and Development

Research in the field ofHealth and Wellness to Develop Innovative Products.

Health and Wellness Consulting

Advising Health and WellnessCompanies to generate Operational Revenue.

CebioLabs will also developed the followingproducts and made them available on their website.

CebioLabs SCM

The supply chain management tool"CeBioLabs SCM" is tailored to Health and Wellness products. It is aBlockchain technology-based tool that makes the complete value chain for all productstransparent and traceable for all parties.

The application suite CeBioLabs SCMwill provide a comprehensive user interface in the form of a dashboard for therespective user groups. This database technology will provide selected detailsand information within the management solution; Data and documents will bestored in a digital register. The CeBioLabs SCM system will be availableglobally and address companies worldwide.

CBSL Marketplace

The CBSL Marketplace will be apartially decentralized trading platform allowing market players to offer andtrade raw materials, products or services related to Health and Wellness.By being independent of big players and other trading exchanges that prohibitproducts, providers are at risk of being blocked or products being regulated.

The primary focus will be B2Btrading, but the company will also expand the CBSL Marketplace for B2Cfunctions and end-user targeting. There will be no country-specificrestrictions, and the marketplace will address users worldwide. The CBSLMarketplace will integrate numerous payment methods, including the CBSL Token.

COA Portal

The COA Portal is a blockchain-basedplatform for certificates of analysis of Health and Wellness products.With their international focus, suppliers from around the world will be able tosubmit the analysis of their products to them via the labs. They will alsoassign a digital identity to these Certificates of Analysis and mark them. Theidentity and all data from the original document will be stored on the Blockchainand within Nodes. Certificates of Analysis stored within the Blockchain willbecome understandable and traceable in an immutable and transparent transactionfor everybody.


They will create numerousinternationally focused e-commerce projects for various Health andWellness products. The e-commerce projects will include web shops andcomparison portals for many products.

Research and Development

To serve the great potential anddemand on the market for new developments and technologies, they areintensively engaged in the topics of research and development.

In the future, the players willinvest in exactly these new technologies and processes that will shape thefuture of the global market and revolutionize it.

Managing Director Christian Tonn isoptimistic and predicts a high demand for CeBioLabs' solutions. "Theupcoming boom for Health and Wellness products in Germany and many othercountries will not only increase the demand for the products, but also forsolutions and systems that can control and ensure the supply chains and qualitycriteria of companies. This gigantic market will open for us and CeBioLabs willprovide the right solutions for the market at the right time. The value of theCBSL token could easily follow this trend, as the demand for our solutionssimultaneously increases the demand for our utility token," said Tonn.

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