7 Major Windows 11 2022 Features And Changes Microsoft Released

7 Major Windows 11 2022 Features And Changes Microsoft Released

Microsoft MSFT just launched the major yearly update of Windows 11 and it brings a whole lot of new features to the table. Some of the most notable ones are the Tabbed File Explorer, System-wide Live Captions, Focus Session, Do Not Disturb, Studio Effects, Clipchamp, multiple security, and minor updates/improvements in Windows 11.

Here are the 7 features microsoft introduced in this major update:

  • Tabbed File Explorer

One of the most requested features from users to Microsoft, is finally tabs in File Explored. Users can now open a new folder/drive in a new tab without opening a new window, keeping the multiple tasking clean and easy.

  • System-wide Live Captions

There are multiple improvements to accessibility including the new system wide live captions. It will automatically generate live captions to all the audio playing inside the Windows.

  • Focus Session and Do Not Disturb

A new focus session feature is also introduced in this update along with the do not disturb mode. It helps to be more productive and less distracted, when the user enables Focus Session it opens up the integrated clock app and enables the do not distribute mode which silences the notification.

  • Studio Effects

With the increase of work from home and online meetings, windows specially launched this feature to enable the camera and audio effects so you can join the conferences/meetings without background noise and remove background by adding blur effect. The feature already exists in Google Meets and Zoom, but with directly integrated inside the system we don't have to worry about software dependency since it will now work for all the software.

  • Clipchamp

With the increasing number of YouTubers and creators, windows make sure that users don't have to download heavy software for simple video editing. With Clipchamp users can now easily record and edit videos, it also has template support as well as all the basic editing features.

  • Smart App Control

Smart App Control is a new feature developed for businesses to improve the digital security of their employees. It blocks untrusted or unsigned applications, script files, and malicious macros in the system, so the employees can be stressed free knowing the system is protected.

  • New Snap Layouts

One of the major focuses of Microsoft's team while developing Windows 11 was Multitasking, with the launch of Snap layout, multiple desktop. With the new snap layouts, now it is more easy to optimize their view and work better on touch devices.

Few Other Updates Minor Updates:

  • Faster and More accurate search
  • Start Menu Folder
  • Quick Settings
  • Improved Local and Current Events Coverage in your Widgets Board

How to install Windows 11 2022 update

  • Open settings
  • Click on “Windows Update” in sidebar bottom
  • Click "Check For Updates"
  • If the updates shows, click on "Download and Install"
  • Microsoft releases update in batches, so if the update it not showing check in few hours.

Image Source: Microsoft Blogs

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