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Nutricosmetics Market - Global Industry Analysis And Forecast 2014 - 2020

Nutricosmetics are oral based health products representing combining targeted nutrition products with cosmetic applications that can have a preventive or treatment effect on the skin, hair or nails. These products have been evolved from nutraceuticals and cosmetic products and were first introduced by Ake Dahlgreen, a Swedish biochemist. Initially, thought of as a marketing ploy, the demand of these products increased steadily with a better understanding and positive clinical data, the market for nutricosmetics has surged in the past decade. The global market for nutricosmetics is expected to rise in the coming years as people are increasingly turning towards these products for their personal care problems. The topical cosmetic products have dominated the market for past several years but are facing fierce competition from recently launched products in nutricosmetics arena.
The nutricosmetics products are available in different formulations such as tablets, capsules, pills, drinks and jellies. The nutricosmetics contain natural ingredients which makes them readily acceptable in the market as people believe that natural products superior than the synthetic or chemical based products. For instance, bioactive collagen peptides used in the products helps in regaining tonicity and firmness to the skin and are in more demand from nutricosmetics manufacturers due to its ‘natural origin’ tag. The main segments in market are primary endogenous antioxidants and secondary dietary antioxidant supplements. Certain factors impeding the growth of market are the high familiarity of topical formulations among people which may resist them to adopt nutricosmetics when effects have to be realized immediately. However, the combination of topical cosmetics and oral nutricosmetics as a part of a daily beauty regimen is gaining popularity these days thereby expanding the market for nutricosmetic products.
Geographically, the global nutricosmetics market is segmented into four major regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. The market for nutricosmetics is very small in the U.S. where these products are categorized as dietary supplements while US FDA has no clear definition for nutricosmetics. Presently, the major demand for nutricosmetics stems from Asia-Pacific region which largely contributes in the global nutricosmetics market. Japan is the largest market among Asia-Pacific while China and India are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The countries in the rest of world such as Brazil, South Africa, UAE, etc are untapped market and will offer substantial growth opportunity for manufacturers in this market.

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