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Where to Buy YouTube Views: A Secret


YouTubeis a social media giant which is used for uploading/sharing videos. Now it has become an essential part of the online users and online media. Currently, YouTube gets at least one billion views a day from all over the world. This makes it a powerful and impressive medium for marketing, that shouldn't be ignored by anyone who has some information to share or a product to sell. However, to effectively promote your business through YouTube, you must have enough views. The fastest way how to get YouTube views to your advantage is to buy Real YouTube views.

Let me give me you an example. I recorded a video with my band and we uploaded that video on YouTube. It was not getting many hits and even after promoting it among our facebook and instagram friends we get only 283 views. Yeah that hurts!! Jimmy, my friend told me we should go for purchasing you tube views. All of us got excited by that idea and we just Googled “BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS”. Well many website offering cheap views even at the price of $0.7 per 1K views. We bought 10K.

We wanted to see what will happen. What I am going to tell you next will blow your mind. Within 14 hours the views soar up from 342 to 10342. Within the next 24 hours our channel got banned. Yeah!! It got banned. After a little research we find that these people use bot to increase the views and YouTube do not like this. It is against their policies.

After some time, we again uploaded the video and this time, we are not buying views but then again Jimmy told us there is a company that sells real views by promoting that video on their own network. We all were going to kill him. He insisted us checking that website and we had to take a look at it. Damn! He was right. We bought views from the wrong place.  After a little discussion we again decided to give another try.

We bought 10K views at a price of $44.99. Expensive right!! But we want to try their service. This time the views were increasing steadily. Within a week we got 10K views. The most amazing thing was we had 54 thumbs up, 1 thumb down and even 45 comments. They just deliver as they said. The views were from real people. This was not it. When we search with the name of our band on YouTube our video was ranking at #1 position.

Buying YouTube views is the easiest and the most convenient way to get views instantly. Promotion of your ideas and business would be more effective and would be easily recognized. Moreover, it will surely give an edge to you and to your business. If you want to acquire more number of views, buy YouTube views online and take your business to a higher level. The main reason why people buy views is to get to the top as soon as possible, to rack up enough views to get into the conversation early. Nobody wants to watch a video that's only run up 300 views; 10,000 look much better.

When you buy YouTube views you promote you video right from the get go. You increase your chances of getting it noticed by people from all over the world. The more views you get, the more chances of encountering great sales opportunities. It will enable you to acquire real views without giving you the risk of being banned. Buying authentic YouTube views increases your ranking on relevant searches, and more views lead to more exposure for yourself, your business or your talent. This is the first step to getting more likes and comments on your videos.

There is no difficulty in buying YouTube views but to know the right place matters the most. Once you have bought the views, your videos on YouTube will become an instant hit. There are many people who have bought YouTube views and they are quite satisfied and do not regret their decision of buying YouTube views.

Every artist uses this service in some kind of way because it's easy, and it's inexpensive. That's just the reality. Everybody wants to become popular and famous in some form or fashion. But you may get caught too. So, be careful when you purchase views. Decision should be taken wisely so that you don’t end up buying fake YouTube views, instead of real ones. View buying has become a multi-million dollar industry that has helped make the careers of many notable artists. They did it so that they can get some credibility for themselves and their brand,

Going viral on YouTube is all about standing out, timing and just a little marketing in the right places. First and foremost, make a video that people actually want to watch. Whether you are selling a product, making a music video or sharing just a prank – Stand out!! Don’t do what everyone else does, get creative and capture your audience’s attention.

You only get a boost with these services, so, you still need to market and engage your target audience to achieve success. Buying YouTube Views isn’t exactly the most publicly acceptable practice, so you’ll have to keep things a little low profile at times. There are tons of providers that offer cheap, low quality views. These views are usually deliver by bots and can lead to getting your video removed and account banned.

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