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Stone Bond's Enterprise Enabler supports new RESQML V2.0 standard


Stone Bond Technologies is pleased to announce it has added full support for the new Energistics RESQML V2.0 standard to its supported standards for upstream petroleum which include WITSML, PRODML, PIDX, and others. Stone Bond’s flagship product, Enterprise Enabler, fully supports these standards “out of the box,” automatically validating data sets for compliance with the standards and making the data available for use in data exchanges, workflows, and complex integrations standard. The recently released RESQML V2.0 standard from Energistics, the upstream oil and gas open standards consortium, is an XML- and HDF5-based data exchange standard that consists of a set of XML schemas (XSD files) to facilitate reliable, automated exchange of data among software packages used in subsurface workflows. Stone Bond’s Enterprise Enabler can be configured to use the standards and data accessed via these standards to incorporate into any integrations whether event-driven data loading, transactions, or on-demand services as data virtualization. This agile integration middleware platform gives full analytic and reporting functionality to improve efficiency for the petro-technical professionals and software developers and improve uncertainty management of reservoir data and support flexible workflows and relationships among data objects. About Stone Bond Technologies Founded in 2002, Stone Bond possesses a unique “out of the box” solution in the integration marketplace. Enterprise Enabler is the industry’s leading comprehensive full-scope middleware integration solution for agile application and data integration, virtualization and federation. Enterprise Enabler provides effective solutions for Energy, Financial Service, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Hospitality, Academic Institutions and Manufacturing industries by combining the real-time availability of information with the business logic that drives data movement and faster time-to-value for IT solution investments already made by their clients. Stone Bond’s commitment to innovation is responsible for Enterprise Enabler being able to connect and talk natively to over 400 different data sources, and that list grows every day. The program’s list of unique AppComms™ technology that replaces traditional legacy adapters and accommodates cloud systems, big data, databases, applications, and electronic control devices for the widest range of out-of-the-box enterprise connectivity. CEO Antonio Szabo explains, “At Stone Bond, innovation is more than just adding features to existing offerings. Our approach to information business systems is to make an enterprise’s data agile: to move efficient and easily, without barriers. More than just besting competitors, we strive to enhance our offerings to accommodate the continuously changing metadata requirements of our customer’s customers.” To learn more about how Enterprise Enabler can make data agile and virtually federated in an integrated environment in ways previously unimaginable go to

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