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China Food Safety Testing Industry, Market Size, Analysis, Share, Research, Growth, Trends, Report, Forecast 2014-2018

China Food Safety Testing Industry, Market Size, Analysis, Share, Research, Growth, Trends, Report, Forecast 2014-2018
Reports overview:
Research and Investment Prospect of China Food Safety Testing Industry, 2014-2018 mainly includes development status of food safety testing industry both in China and overseas, the current China’s demand market size, technical status, competitive landscape, development opportunities and trend analysis, analyses on development status of China’s food industry and brief introduction of leading institutions in China food safety testing industry and their institution settings. 
In recent years, a number of food safety incidents have happened in China, triggering high attention from the masses, which offer development opportunities for food safety testing industry. Testing industry is closely bound up with people’s living, which not only can ensure safety of the basic necessities for life, but also push testing industry to generate new products, playing a vital role in the sound development of society. Thus it can be said that testing industry is an inevitable outcome of social development. 
In 2013 the market scale of food safety testing in China generated CNY 4.5 billion, up 12.2% compared with CNY 4.01 billion in 2012. With the gradual presentation of atmosphere and water and soil pollution control solutions, food safety will become the hot issue concerning the living quality of common people. At present, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) is revising Food Safety Law, and National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC is also formulating food safety standards. After ministries and commissions make clear decisions on “three adjustment schemes” (refer to stipulations on major responsibilities, internal organizations and size of personnel force), supervisions on food safety will be increased and enhanced. 
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Table of contents:
1. Development Overview of China Food Safety Testing Industry
1.1 Position of Food Manufacturing Industry
1.1.1 Development Status
1.1.2 Development Scale 
1.2 Status Analysis of Food Safety 
1.2.1 Overview of Food Safety 
1.2.2 Food Safety Guarantee System 
1.2.3 Food Safety System Certification 
1.3 Overview of Food Safety Testing Industry
1.3.1 Definition 
1.3.2 Market Participants 
1.3.3 Industry Chain 
2. Development Analysis of International Food Safety Testing Industry
2.1 Development Status of American Food Safety 
2.1.1 Management Organization 
2.1.2 Legal Framework 
2.1.3 Development Characteristics
2.2 Development Status of European Union Food Safety 
2.2.1 Management Organization 
2.2.2 Legal Framework 
2.2.3 Development Characteristics 
2.3 Development Status of Japanese Food Safety 
2.3.1 Management Organization 
2.3.2 Legal Framework 
2.3.3 Development Characteristics 
3. Operation Environment of China Food Safety Testing Industry
3.1 China’s Economic Development Environment 
3.2 Laws and Regulations Relating to Food Safety 
4. Development Overview of China Food Safety Testing Market
4.1 Development Status of Food Safety Testing Industry 
4.1.1 Food Safety Supervision and Management Legal System 
4.1.2 Food Safety Administrative Supervision and Management System 
4.1.3 Food Safety Emergency Management Mechanism 
4.2 Market Size of Food Safety Testing Industry 
4.2.1 Market Size of Testing Industry 
4.2.2 Market Size of Food Safety Testing Industry 
4.3 Major Factors Affecting the Development of China Food Safety Testing Industry 
4.3.1 Relatively Backward Testing Methods 
4.3.2 Low Degree of Dissemination of Food Safety Certificate 
5. Key Fields of China Food Safety Testing 
5.1 Food Safety Testing Technologies 
5.1.1 Spectral Analysis 
5.1.2 Chromatography Analysis 
5.1.3 Mass Spectrometry (NS)
6. Competitive Landscape of China Food Safety Testing Market 
6.1 Competitive Pattern 
6.2 Future Development Trend 
6.2.1 To Accelerate State-owned Testing Institution Reform 
6.2.2 Development Direction of Third Party Food Safety Testing Companies 
6.2.3 Development Direction of Private Institutions 
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