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Start-up Drops Leads on Agents with a Follow-Up Reminder


Start-up tech company REfindly is doing real estate agents a favor—dropping them leads with an urgent reminder that they have to act on them.

REfindly, which is rolling out its services for a Southwest Florida firm, will be capitalizing on big data to serve the needs of agents looking for leads. The company is seen to help local real estate agencies “compete in today’s speeded-up real estate business.”

According to a report on News Press, Downing Frye Realty co-owner Mike Hughes said that his company intends to use REfindly by October. He noted that the firm’s new system is capable of not just tracking leads that were provided by the system, but also track how the agent “is handling the lead.”

“If I hand a lead to an agent and he doesn’t contact the lead for three or four hours, the lead’s gone. He needs to call in 15 minutes,” Hughes was quoted as saying in the report.

REfindly content developer Bill Schiller said the company’s software will also be able to find out customers who have visited a certain listing as well as their contact information. 

“It will market automatically to clients [who have signed up for the software], based on what they’re looking at,” REfindly head developer Ryan Tremblay said.

The report added that similar companies are developing intelligent software in the real estate niche. One company, for example, SmartZip, has focused on developing a platform that could predict whether homeowners are “likely to sell their houses.”

Real estate agents in Florida can also benefit from Realbiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ), another Florida-based company which develop disruptive marketing software. The company develops proprietary video marketing platforms that agents and their brokers can use to promote their virtual tour listings online.

Its Virtual Tour Program allows real estate sellers to create virtual tours and presentations that are optimized for mobile viewing and could be syndicated through social media for only $29.95 a month.

The program features a video search engine optimization (VSEO) tool that automatically generates meta tags and descriptions for virtual tours and listings that agents have uploaded to the platform so that they could be found easily by consumers online.

The program also has tools for creating QR codes, e-flyers, and seller reports as bonus features.

Realtors can also make use of the company’s listing platform to market their listings with videos, slideshows and virtual tours. is a consumer site based on Realbiz Media’s patented marketing technology Nestbuilder Agent.

The web site makes a great platform for hosting real estate agents’ listings and for their personalized agent profiles which help them widen their reach and build their online reputation.’s agent and listing pages also feature a contact form as well as social media buttons that connect agents with their consumers easily.

Realbiz Media’s platforms, applications and web sites feature social integration, which allow agents to cross-publish their posts to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

To learn more about Realbiz Media and its products, contact or call 1.888.REAL.BIZ (888.732.5249).

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