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How to Use Real Estate Technologies in Your Brokerage Firm with Success


Let’s face it: Not all real estate technologies are created equal. Some are just plain cumbersome, while others are so seamless to use that your real estate agents can use them even with their eyes closed. But how do you know if your chosen technology is the right fit for your firm? According to Joelle Senter, dotloop’s vice president of market development, it involves by debunking a few myths first.

In her column on, Senter noted that thinking your agents will oblige to use the new technology you bought is simply wrong. Without explaining to your agents the significance of your investment in the technology, they won’t even care to touch it.

“As the proverb goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That said, it’s your job as a broker to explain to your agents why it would benefit them to ‘drink’,” Senter wrote.

According to her, providing agents extensive training “which includes a heavy dose of inspiration, not just education” is the way to go. As a result, they will be more willing to explore the technology and take confidence in it.

Senter also advised real estate company leaders to take baby steps when implementing the usage of the new technology. Real estate agents could become overwhelmed if you pressure them to use the new technology right away. This could be bad for your company’s overall productivity.

In the end though, what’s important is choosing your technology vendor wisely. “Whether personal or professional, the journey starts with choosing with the right technology partner for you. And once you’ve done that, acknowledging the myths and common pitfalls associated with onboarding will only accelerate the process,” she said.

One company that develops excellent real estate technologies for the local real estate sector is Realbiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ). The Florida-based digital media company develops proprietary video marketing platforms that are extremely easy to use. These platforms allow agents and their brokers can use to promote their virtual tour listings aggressively online so they can generate leads on their own. The Virtual Tour Program and consumer site are two of the company’s most popular products.

The Virtual Tour Program allows real estate sellers to create virtual tours and presentations that are optimized for mobile viewing and could be syndicated through social media for only $29.95 a month. It features a video search engine optimization (VSEO) tool that automatically generate meta tags and descriptions for virtual tours and listings that agents have uploaded to the platform so that they would be found easily by consumers online. It also has tools for creating QR codes, e-flyers, and seller reports as bonus features. is a consumer property listing site centered on virtual tours. The web site makes a great platform for hosting real estate agents’ listings and for creating personalized agent profiles that help agents widen their reach and build their online reputation. It utilizes Nestbuilder Agent, a patented marketing technology developed by Realbiz Media.’s agent and listing pages also features a contact form as well as social media buttons that connect agents with their consumers easily.

Realbiz Media’s platforms, applications and web sites feature social integration, which allow agents to cross-publish their posts to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

To learn more about Realbiz Media and its products, contact or call 1.888.REAL.BIZ (888.732.5249).

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