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Sand making machine promote the development of sand production line


sand making machine is the third generation in the business machine innovation on the basis of a machinery and equipment, efficient artificial sand against the stone. Third generation business sand function efficient of for various hard, and crisp, material for broken, widely of application in iron ore, and copper ore, and silver ore, and MN ore, and cement, and artificial business sand, and fluorite, and limestone, and slag, variety special hard, and in the hard and the corrosion sex material of chronology job, production of aggregate was widely of application in highway, and high-speed rail, and senior building, and municipal, and hydropower dam construction, and concrete mixing station, industry field.

is a set of artificial sand production line equipment, and markets can be highly efficient artificial stone production equipment, is a combination of a device, is the primary choice of artificial sand production equipment, efficiently carried out on artificial aggregate production.

sand-sand core making equipment in the production line is the third generation of sand, sand making machine of the third generation directly affects the performance of sand preparing production line efficiency. Fundamentally grabs, sand making machine for innovation of the third generation, increases the processing power of third generation of sand making machine, while also providing a sand production line processing power. Sand making production line more please contact 0371-67813555 we will provide pre-sales technical advice in detail and excellent after-sales service, and welcome your inquiries.

Third generation of Sand Making Machine India Price technology overview What is the third generation of sand making machine?

PCX efficient Crusher sand maker is a third-generation, are absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the relevant industry specific conditions and the development of the latest generation to counter high efficiency Crusher (sand making equipment). Counter efficiently crusher is used for medium-hard solid material is finely, in the cement industry, fine, mixed materials, such as limestone, gypsum, clinker. Can also be finely, dolomite, calcium phosphide perlite mine and so on. Can be widely used in building materials, fertilizers, mining and refractory material industries.

what are the third generation of sand production advantages?

the device than traditional sand making equipment has a smaller particle size, particle size uniformity, large capacity, long head life, supporting power broken, variable levels for secondary crushing, simplified process run smooth, simple structure, easy maintenance, and so on.

what are the third generation of sand and taboo practices?

1, banned from inside the machine operation. Sand making machine start working before you check for ore or lost within the block, and so on. Sand making machine does not allow starting with load, starting with load will cause damage to the electrical trip or machine parts, so you should check before driving, such as ore or iron, must be cleared before it can start.

2, prohibiting the use of unqualified power. With a failed power supply, no more, no baking good electrode and lowering electrode and down to pay attention to quality of electrode electrode after a few minutes, move the electrode or as little as possible without moving the motor, taking a variety of measures to prevent the electrode soft broken. Once soft cut to be dealt with immediately. 3, the prohibition to use only does not maintain. Maintenance is very important for the sand, long term use will cause unnecessary wear of the machine, so regularly check the degree of wear of the machine and to do maintenance on a regular basis, lubricating oil regularly, allowing your machine to play a greater role. 4, forbid do not turn off the power during the blackout. Blackout while in use, be sure to turn off the power, suddenly calls can cause unnecessary damage. Upon completion of the work should be ready for the thing, power down the well to leave, to develop good habits to work.

what are the third generation of sand making machine model?

sand maker third-generation models currently on the market are: 800x400, 800x600, 800x800, and 1010x1010, and 1200x1000, 1200x1200, 1400x1400, 1600x1600, 1800x1800 etc several models.

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