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Transformer Star Shia LaBeouf Pleads Guilty for Disorderly Conduct, to Receive Treatment for Alcoholism


Transformer star Shia LeBeouf filed a guilty plea last week after charges were filed against him for causing a heated disturbance at the Cabaret performance at Studio 54. He allegedly stood up in the midst of the Broadway presentation and began to shout at the actors. When guards asked Shia to leave, he cursed the security personnel.


The 28-year-old actor explained such rude behaviour to his alcohol problem and is now receiving treatment and is working toward his recovery. He showed up at the Manhattan courtroom on Sept 10 wearing a clean suit, which was a big improvement from the crumpled T-shirt and jeans he was wearing when he went on a rampage on Broadway’s theatre district.


He was charged with creating unreasonable amount of noise and use of vulgar language outside the show’s venue, refusal to leave the presentation even when asked and spitting on the police officer at the police area in Midtown North, said Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Russell.


Reports also said that Shia allegedly chased a man outside the theatre who looked homeless, entered a bar, fed a female customer a strawberry from her plate and smoked outside the theatre and refused to stop smoking.


Melissa Kates, Shia’s representative, said that after the actor pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, he was required by courts to undergo therapy at The Hills Treatment in Los Angeles, which is a facility for alcoholics or drug addicts.


For the actor to withdraw his guilty plea and have the case dismissed, the court said he must keep out of trouble for six months. If he fails to meet these conditions, Shia could be jailed for up to 15 days.


When he returns to the court on Nov 12, LeBeouf must bring a letter from the rehab facility that he had undergone treatment.


Alcoholism has victimised many celebrities like the Nymphomaniac actor who had suffered from bad press the past few months over a plagiarism incident, his walk out of a news conference tackling his skin-baring film and placing a paper bag over his head with the words “I am not famous anymore” at the premiere of the movie.


Various methods to address alcoholism are being offered by different groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous with different rates of success.


In the U.S. one treatment with a high rate of success comes from is BioCorRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX), which has developed an innovative approach to alcohol and opioid abuse treatment called the Start Fresh Program that is believed by some to be a “game-changer” in the rehabilitation sector. The Start Fresh Program is a two-tiered program used by local addiction clinics across the United States which involves an outpatient medical procedure and psycho-social coaching. 

“Our program is helping many people that say that they have tried everything else out there to get sober. There are many wonderful programs available, but one size doesn’t fit all,” said Brady Granier, COO of BioCorRx.


BioCoRx’s first component involves an outpatient medical procedure to embed a biodegradable naltrexone implant under the abdominal skin and fatty tissue. The implant then delivers therapeutic levels of the antagonist drug, naltrexone, into the bloodstream which can curb one’s cravings for alcohol or opioids.


The second tier of the program involves a private, one-on-one coaching program to address the specific needs of the alcoholics and addicts, as well as to help him or her plan for a life free from substance abuse.


Learn more information about the Start Fresh Program and about possible investment opportunities with BioCorRx, Inc. by visiting its new investor relations website

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