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5 Benefits of HGH That You Need to Know

It’s no secret that hormone levels continue to lessen as you age. Yes, with age, you may not feel so lively as before, because of the body’s decreasing hormonal levels, giving way to many diseases and health issues. A study conducted in 2013 suggests that over 75 percent of health issues faced by a person in old age are due to reduced hormone production in the body which can also prove fatal. HGH or Human Growth Hormone helps to cure a variety of diseases and has some amazing benefits associated with it. 
Taking care of your health
HGH helps to control high cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure preventing many other diseases from entering the body. A study carried out in California came out with an interesting effect of HGH. Patients, who were above the age of 69 and were suffering from high cholesterol levels, were given HGH dose of 14mg per kilogram regularly for 27 weeks. It was seen there was an overall decrease in the cholesterol level of each of the individual in the study.
Recover rapidly from illness
Another great benefit, when you take HGH, is that it helps an individual to recover rapidly from various kinds of illness and also heals wounds naturally. A person feels more fit than before and younger too. It’s been proved that it can help you combat illnesses in a faster and better way.
Get rid of your sleeping disorder
HGH can work wonders for individuals suffering from sleep disorders or improper sleep patterns. A study involved around 50 individuals who were suffering from sleep disorders since a long time and were given a basic dose of HGH before going to bed for a period of five months. After the study was complete, 90 percent of the individuals involved in the study reported that they had found total improvement in their sleep patterns and that their sleep disorder was cured to a large extent.
Being fit again
HGH can help cure the problem of obesity and is used by many obese and overweight people to reduce fat in their body. A very significant study in the year 2007 revealed a huge drop in the fat mass of 25 individuals who were given HGH on a regular basis for 25 weeks. It also increased the amount of lean body mass in their bodies that keep the body healthy and fit.
Preventing hair loss
Hair loss or hair fall is an issue that has troubled people of all ages, around the globe. HGH can help curb the problem of hair loss and also promote growth of new hair on your scalp. Out of the 100 individuals who consumed HGH to increase hair growth, all of them showed a positive result though the degree of growth varied from one person to another.
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