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The Do's and Don'ts of Business Says Arezu Sabreze


I asked Arezu Sabreze, a London based entrepreneur, about the keys do's and don'ts of start-up business. She explains, Many people are not as unique as they think. You'd be surprised how many make the same mistakes while being quite complacent about their business strategy. Here are 5 key mistakes to avoid most importantly, the key do's and don'ts of business:  


1, Do make sure you understand your market in terms of who your customers are and how much they will spend on what you have to offer

2. Do use social media to explain the reason behind your business as people need to be inspired and feel apart of a collective group of customers - the key is group identification

3. Do ask for customer feedback on how you are doing

4. Do as much SEO as you can afford

5. Do create relationships with bloggers or post customer reviews


1. Don't launch your business without testing your product or service with at least 50 strangers – not family or friends

2.  Don't become emotionally involved with your business as yes it is your baby but not a definition of who you are

3.  Don't think you need finance or investment when actually you really don't if you are smart.

4.  Don't confuse being an inventor with being an entrepreneur as these are two different skill sets.

5.  Don't carry on a business that has made no profit in it's first year, especially in its second year.

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