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energy-efficient sand making machine


third generation of sand making machine is also known as plastic sand, is a field of artificial sand and stone, plastic device of choice. In artificial sand making industries, PCX third generation of sand making machine can produce the desired products and machine-made sand concrete aggregate; in the field of stone shaping, PCX of impact sand-maker is a device that has the international advanced level of high energy consumption, so customers get high-quality, grain shape of stone products, its performance in a fine break of various ores equipment plays an irreplaceable role. sand making machine

third generation wide field of application, covering almost sand areas of ownership, can sand the raw materials is relatively wide, almost all the sand and raw materials can be adapted, which is not available in traditional sand making machine. Riverbed, construction aggregates, such as the production of basalt mining before grinding finely in the areas of high abrasion resistance, and glass raw materials and other fields, new sand-Maker can easily.

new sand compared to traditional sand-maker, has incomparable advantages. First, simplify the traditional structure of sand making machine so that the new sand making machine maintenance and operation is more convenient. In broken aspects, new business sand machine also than past business sand machine increased has chronology, and rough mill function, increased has new function, traditional business sand machine on non-broken machine material through capacity not too strong, total easy in this a step appeared problem, technology team conquer this a through, in new business sand machine in the using has unique to technology, increased has non-broken material of through capacity.

machinery manufacturing limited is engaged in the coal-mining machinery, large and medium series type series machinery, research and development, manufacturing and sales of joint-stock enterprises, the company is located in Zhengzhou city zhengshang Road West Lake. SBM since its establishment, in their own development and long-term close cooperation with relevant research institutes, with its sophisticated equipment, first-class technology, product innovation, the introduction of advanced foreign technology, technology and testing base for new product development and promotion of new technologies. SBM company adhere to "quality of survival, reputation and development" approach, to develop new markets, service users, have achieved good social and economic benefits, products have been sold at home and abroad, well received by users. The main products are: dryers, sand maker, sand making machine of the third generation, coal sludge dryers, crushers, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, combination crusher, roller crusher, sand making machine, spiral sand washing machine and other mining equipment, high quality and low price, welcome to buy. My company is willing to work with the latest technology, reliable quality, best price, all the user-centered, advance customer satisfaction project, with new and old customers sincere cooperation, create brilliant century, user success is "SBM" man's highest pursuit.

Third generation of sand and fulfill our mission

the iPhone second and third generation, four generations, have come out of 4s, and set off wave after wave of orgasm. Apples are so sought after by people, is because the cell phone performance, and many unique features. Persistent products such as second generation, third generation, which also represents the continuous improvement continuous improvement continuous improvement of Apple, it is because of this seductive charm, can there be so many people constantly escalating pursuit of Apple and their progress. Each product is the truth, no matter how good the old, there will always be new products replace it exceed it. Sand making machine is also a solid step by step go to today, only today the release of the third generation of sand making machine. Traditional sand-maker produces flakes stone, stone invariance poor, traditional sand blasting machine, based on focus on sand and stone particle problem application laminated to make sense to design fracture cavity, the material as much as possible of the new sand to reach hydrostatic rupture results. Complete rupture of the material natural texture, discharging a cube's goals. This hydrostatic sense maximum cut material contact with cracked walls, bound level extends the life of sand making machine.

also known as Crusher sand making machine of the third generation, is the result of combination of multiple ventricular rupture, rupture of materials from the inlet into the first room, hammerhead impact rupture rupture of posterior into the second Chamber, and ultimately by the discharge outlet. Sand the size of 3mm up to 90%, is built using sand-mixed soil needed equipment. Mechanical links market, particularly to the third generation of sand carried out a series of improvement and optimization.

Adjust the inlet size, making it a more convenient basis I particle size adjustment, increase the wear resistance of wear-resistant parts, made of high alloy wear-resistant materials of life with substantial River gravel material, for example, the shortest break lives up to 4-8 months, is a highlight of the third generation of sand making machine. Some people buy iPhones for the face, some people buy iPhones for gift giving, and still others buy iPhone to show off, but I think every one to buy Apple mobile phones are, in fact, the real reason there is only one: iPhone and practical, high end, the performance is very good, powerful. In fact, anyone buying any product, is the first to consider the practical, followed by other reasons.

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